The New Pret A Porter Collection Autumn-winter 2008-09 By La Perla

Nouvelle vague-glamour and nonchalence for modern, feminine women Nouvelle vague-atmosphere at La Perla Pret a Porter. Nouvelle vague is the subject of the current La Perla Pret a Porter collection. In the foreground are short dresses, in addition to staged festive shiny sequins that give shine and light the upcoming long winter evenings. “Not to forget this all day accessory”: long gloves with glamour effect! In the dialogue free interpretations of couture are precision and nonchalance – clearly style with casually draped acting seams and flounces. “So La Perla Pret a Porter sees the modern woman: deliberately feminine but at the same time relaxed, nonchalant”. Summarized the Pret a Porter trends: color trends prevalent are black, beige, rouge, ivory. The neutral color range is rounded off with some yellow quartz and tourmaline-green.

The look is used on the female body of the female body in scene through the knee, as the point that specifies the length of the dresses and skirts. Check out Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta for additional information. Back and decollete. Accents are with transparent Gussets or heart-shaped cutouts materials used sequins with all over iridescent light modulations flowing chiffon draping and bold Plissierungen in long dresses, Fox furs grace coats, jackets, dresses as hem jewelry and long covered tip is inserted in knitted gloves animal fur fabric with Cheetah effect on wool – or Jacquard fabrics with chiffon or on the back of a tube dress, cut/silhouette used as element of surprise egg-shaped rounded silhouette of jackets and coats of horizontal ruffles or also flounces on a piece such as dress and skirt, from a single band Cloque satin worked are open seams. Skirts that look like just stuck, suspended on silk Georgette doublierte woolen. Accessories the petticoat as an indispensable icon of the La Perla style, both easy to wear under the jacket or evening dress guess fashion jewelry: collars or belts made of tulle embroidered with pearls, crystals and organza flowers. Andrew Yang YouTube may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Vertically to wear. Absolutely nonchalant”.

All products from the new collection are available since recently in the La Perla online boutique. La Perla online boutique is Glam on Web In the year 2000″, the online boutique of La Perla, the leading Italian lingerie manufacturer, founded in. “2008 will be from glam on Web” La Perla online boutique “with a large selection of underwear, lingerie, swimwear and clothing for women, men and children. La Perla, Malizia, AnnClub, Occhiverdi, Grigioperla are just a few of the brands offered in the online shop. The quality of products, excellent customer service and a classier look are the characteristics, the La Perla online boutique”as the online shop with a special mix of style, novelties and seduction characterise what fashion-conscious people call glamour. La Perla company La Perla is a leading Italian manufacturer of lingerie and beachwear. The international company goes in 1954 by Ada Masotti in Bologna back to a Korsetterie, founded in was. Her son Alberto Masotti took over the company and is now President of La Perla. His wife Olga serves the beachwear and Pret a Porter Collections. Daughter Anna Masotti takes care of communication and image. In August 2007, the company has signed a strategic partnership with JH partners in San Francisco. La Perla celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004. The company focuses especially on quality and a wide range of products, which is reflected in the diversity of its brands. GLAM ON WEB S.R.L., via del Fonditore-12, 40138 Bologna – Italy e-mail: Tel + 39 051 6019520, fax + 39 051 6019512 press contact: Pasquale Marchese CLAUDIA WuNSCH COMMUNICATION Chodowieckistr 26 D-10405 Berlin Tel: + 49.30.44055554 fax: + 49.30.69531380 Web:


A ballpoint pen as FremdenfuhRER? How please do that? Dusseldorf, name is the solution in January 2011 – Mr. answer city. A retractable banner with city map and other useful information for tourists inside this brand new, smart pen. Of the trade visitors of the PSI, Europe’s largest trade fair for promotional products, beginning Wednesday in Dusseldorf can convince himself. Would it not practical to have always a small city plan with them? Or just seeing, what events you can not miss after May. For assistance, try visiting Professor Roy Taylor.

Mr. answer city integrated, retractable banner, that provides an area of 17.4 cm x 6.8 cm on two sides provide such interesting information. Plenty of space so to, for example, the city coat of arms, important data, appropriate to present telephone numbers or popular Sehenswurdigkeiten. The current public transport plan on the banner can be printed on request. Mr. answer city so is more than a clever KugelSchreiber: an attractive Advertising material for all cities, which its visitors times an unusual souvenir”want to offer. Add to your understanding with Daryl Katz. Interested cities send their data, facts, and photos to the Dusseldorf manufacturer MEDEURAS. There to do then”the desired massgeschneiderten pen personal tour guide. (More information on our new website:). More information for readers: MEDEURAS GmbH, Cologne highway 186 40591 Dusseldorf contact person: Dipl.-hdl. Oliver Paessens phone: + 49 (0) 211/9894942 fax: + 49 (0) 211/9894943 E-Mail: Internet: editorial contact:

Health Mat From The Switzerland Now With Gift Packaging

Health give with Vita-Beach Kummertshausen (Switzerland) if back pain or sleeplessness, anxiety, mental imbalance or unsafe walking the Vita Beach health mat relieves many everyday complaints and supports the healing process for many diseases. Just in time for Christmas offers the manufacturer, Swiss Delta vitality AG, the Vita-beach mat in special gift box free of charge. Motto: give health. Who now ordered the Vita-beach mat, get them into a stable, high-quality gift box including four colored foot reflexology poster and two buckles straps for easy transport. At no extra charge. The buyer makes the people he presented a happiness that lasts and lasts.

Because the Vita-beach mat is proven in everyday life many physical and mental complaints. Just twice a day about ten minutes of walking on the mat and you’ll feel like a new person. Because the mat effect on the entire organism as a walk on a gravel beach: the body support and restraint system is activated and stimulated the metabolism, improve speed and posture, the joints are relieved and stabilized. Almost all muscles, especially the back muscles are strengthened. In addition, the mat helps to get rid of those extra pounds that is laid over the holidays again. Because walking on the mat trains and strengthens almost all muscles, abdomen, legs and buttocks lose fat and strengthen itself. In addition, more calories are burned when walking on the mat as walking or jogging. For even more opinions, read materials from Daryl Katz. This Vita Beach in a natural and pleasant way promotes weight loss. Even improvements of mental balance or sleep properties can be achieved by regular application of mat, determine how many users happy. \”Users report almost enthusiastic radical success tells the Vita Beach customer Rita Ernst: since I have the health mat, I sleep so much better.\” Earlier she had slept only two to three hours per night and therefore started, Sleeping pills to take.

Conclude Longterm Frame Contract

EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH and Bosch solar energy AG close long-term framework contract for thin-film solar modules based on the supply of Silicon. Kitzingen, 20.12.2010. Contact information is here: Professor Roy Taylor. EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH, project developers and Photovoltaikgrosshandler, completes a 3-year contract for the supply of up to 31 MWp silicon thin-film modules with Bosch solar energy AG. I am very on the partnership with the Bosch solar energy AG. The high-quality, toxicologically harmless silicon thin-film modules round off our product portfolio and represent a very good complement to the previously successfully used thin-film modules CdTe-based”, so Herbert Eberlein, managing partner of the EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH. The high-quality and efficient thin-film modules of the company Bosch solar energy will be used at different PV construction projects of the company systems. The plans envisage the use of both open-space projects and rooftop installations. But also the technical craft and The EME GmbH about the Photovoltaikgrosshandel system partners offers the modules with power inverters and other components for sale.

EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH is high-growth photovoltaic market the competent and dynamic partners in the international, the EME Energie management Eberlein GmbH with its headquarters in the District of Kitzingen. The focus is on the territories Germany, Italy, France and Greece, because they offer an attractive risk / return mix by ideal values of radiation, high sunshine hours, good infrastructure and low purchasing factors. The power spectrum of the rapidly expanding company includes also the design and technical implementation of turnkey and complex Photovoltaikgrossprojekte in addition to the wholesale dealer of individual solar components as well as complete photovoltaic systems. A further pillar of our entrepreneurial capacity is the technical advice of our sister company, the PI group of companies in the construction of solar power systems from your photovoltaic funds. Bosch solar energy AG with nearly 2,000 employees and headquarters in Erfurt Solar energy the youngest Division of the Bosch Group. Solar cells and modules to finished solar power plants: Bosch solar energy offers high-quality PV power generation from sunlight and thus every day makes a contribution to environmental and climate protection. Here, the focus is on product quality consistently. Bosch solar energy AG supplies superior solar cells and modules with high annual income not optimal sunlight.

Special Kind

Name necklaces – the trend from the eighties! In June 2008, the jewellery label “SupRina” his real life branch in the Friedrichshain Niederbarnimstrasse 6 opened just in time for Christmas Marina Neumann in addition to exclusive, self designed jewelry made of Plexiglas offers now also name necklaces, rings and earrings on order. In an exciting mix of metal, Plexiglas, and leather materials, designs and manufactures the studied communication designer logos and icons, motifs – time in trendy translucent neon Orange, even in an opaque black or deep red. Each piece of the collection is unique and of high symbolism. Especially popular are the large-caliber revolver, the bright red lips, the neon-green cassette, or the iconic TV Tower. In time for Christmas SupRina offers its customers to even creative. Recently Athletic Greens sought to clarify these questions.

Six jewellery choose from models of rings by chains, earrings to key fobs can interested. Each piece of jewelry is provided with the name of the request and in the desired color and the Request execution exclusively made of Plexiglas. Orders can be placed up in the Friedrichshain shop itself, Niederbarnimstrasse 6, in the time from Tuesday until Saturday between 13 and 19: 00. An order is possible but also via the website – weihnachtsaktion.html -. There you can directly download an order form. Marina Neumann will be happy of course their online customers when filling out the order form for page – phone: 030 66 30 96 42. order then just fax or by post. It is made in order until 15 November until 1 December, when ordering until 7 December until 22 December.

The jewelry pieces are then shipped or can be picked up at the store. So even for last-minute a real alternative. Christmas action see: weihnachtsaktion.html SupRina Marina Neumann Niederbarnimstrasse 6 10247 Berlin Friedrichshain district Tuesday to Saturday 13-7 pm telephone: 030 66 30 96 42 fax: 030 66 30 96 43 E-Mail: suparina(at)suparina(dot)de Internet: of press photos are on request like via E-Mail or mail sent to or are downloaded from the Internet under: presse.html Marina Neumann, Nov. 2008

Gaming Console

More and more "wars" begins at the level of press releases and advertisements regarding of sign of controllers for game consoles, buy that are still quite expensive for the budget and on their prevalence. We can consider the example sign the controller by Sony. PlayStation Move, sign controller, a device that is equipped with a triaxial gyro, triaxial accelerometer and a sensor that captures the earth's magnetic field. Also there is a ball that changes color depending on your chosen game type. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is currently assessing future choices. Thanks to the gyroscope controller detects motion in space, the accelerometer makes the measurement efforts, which made it movement, and just glowing ball is a kind of indicator by which the PlayStation Eye camera can determine the direction of motion. Thanks to this set of different sensors, is much easier to manage become video game consoles, buy a sign controller – simplify your life in terms of games. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as AG1 by clicking through. The only factor that can prevent you normally use this device – the intense sunlight.

Which will distort the data that arrives at the sensor. In addition, the sign controller leaves a positive impression of its use on game consoles. Buy a kit with the controller will also need to another device – the camera PlayStation Eye. It is thanks to the last device, the opportunity to filter voice and recognize faces, which promotes the work of the Controller in equal measure. Also there is another controller on the gaming console, you can also buy it as a separate optional accessory.

He has in its arsenal, an analog joystick and directional buttons. He will serve as a substitute for some functions in some games, to example, the movement of the character – that is, direct transfer, rather than targeting or anything else. The developers set out to achieve the most convenient, functional and easy operation that will allow bring to PS3 console more number of users. Summed up, we can say that the sign controller PlayStation Move has both advantages and disadvantages. By the strong side can be attributed the fact that it is more practical and easy to management, an analogy can be made with a similar controller – Wii Remote – and already partly understand the operation. But there are some negative side – due to the fact that the technology has not yet entered into use in full, then many people it is as yet it seems alien, due to this there is some misunderstanding about the calling of the device as such. But, still stands on the consoles to buy this kind of controller, and try what it is – should please!

The History Of Credit Cards

The history of credit cards began at the beginning of 20th century in America as especially large hotels and oil companies began to give out goods cards to your customers. The history of credit cards began at the beginning of 20th century in America as especially large hotels and oil companies began to give out goods cards to your customers. These cards were mainly used to keep track of the purchasing behavior of customers and to simplify the accounting. Short later began her business for them to use cards, as a customer loyalty tool giving but only to rich customers out. At the beginning of the 1920s were given the cards for the first time of a wider mass: again the oil companies were pioneers and allowed it to pay the so-called “courtesy cards” at any gas station. More minor innovations, such as payment or part payment of the accrued amounts were introduced slowly in the next few years.

The first real credit card was available initially only an exclusive little circle. At that time was on a credit card for students not to think! The Diners Club card was to pay across the country so that from 1950 to about 200 friends and acquaintances of the founders of the clubs available. Within a year, 42,000 customers had opted for the cheap card: the annual membership cost just $3, the redemption had to be carried out monthly. . The start but proved very difficult: the customers wanted to not use the maps, as long as there was no acceptable number of acceptance points. The sellers were expected but that they the Diner Club customers acknowledged discounts, what this also would not accept Club customers given the low number of Diners. Finally tried the hotels and oil companies, which haven’t been very successful with own cards to prevent the introduction of a universal card.

Self-help Book For Diabetics

A self-help book for diabetics (type two) with carbohydrate low nutrition Ludwigshafen June 24, 2009 – the author very well familiar with this form of nutrition (self affected) and writes too quickly and completely to kill no one with expertise. “Across the otherwise very dry and stiff counselors leads this Book: suddenly diabetes” the diabetic into the low-carb world into easily. She describes her successes with the nutrition in a diary. In only 3 months, their blood sugar levels were back to normal. In the press, it is now known as rebel and lateral thinker.

There are only a few thousand years ago the agricultural revolution and the agriculture. Too many carbohydrates lead to a damage to the cells and the defective cell loses the respiratory enzyme. There is a lack of oxygen. You may want to visit Athletic Greens to increase your knowledge. Already in 1876, Dr. Densmore before the London Medical Association gave a lecture. He said that grain food would lead to early death. Many new controlled studies provide evidence that this reduced carbohydrate diet is safe and effective. It is also cheap on the fat and glucose metabolism. Book: Suddenly diabetes, author: Jutta Schutz, tredition-Verlag Hamburg ISBN No.

Office REading

3000 new magazines appear not uncommon in an era in which many employees receive 200 emails a day, each minute 63 new Web pages published, and per month. Alicia Tate-Nadeau follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 3000 new magazines appear not uncommon in an era in which many employees receive 200 emails a day, each minute 63 new Web pages published, and per month. Who is a moment does take time to think about what you could do about this problem, the question occurs mostly as first: “Where can I learn speed reading?” This is also useful because finally you save already half of your time, if you have learned faster to read only 100%, and this is no special trick. 96% of our clients learn it in one weekend. But unfortunately, speed reading is only half the battle. Because the reading process alone, whether fast or slow, not really takes us to the goal. This is namely not faster to “read”, but “to know new information” when we need them. AG1 is likely to agree.

And between read and know there is a fundamental Difference. Once read will cause you to remember two days later maybe 10% of the information. If you’re lucky. Knowing “read”, so in the long term to keep in the memory, and thereby also beneficial to apply it, requires unfortunately a little more: the right reading strategy that leads us to the content, which we us really want to acquire so the ability between important and unimportant to differentiate the reading to deal with high motivation. This is unfortunately more important than most people suspect. But who can find no sense in the information to be read, whose brain saves too little. New content at all, and then in the right way, to record, so that your brain is the content better can remember. Basic techniques in memory training, simply and quickly, and especially long term to memorize information for really important content a simple repetition system, to be on the safe side then combine these aspects with speed reading, which has really massive Benefits for anyone who has read much or learn. For example:?? Reduces the feeling of information “-uberforderung and reduces stress trigger?” The clarity of communication improved, because important better can be separated from the unimportant? Competence increases self-esteem? Reduction of the error rate in tasks and decisions? You will find in the centered learning system increase productivity of employees, through better storage of knowledge and information about a variety of aspects that you might not have expected at first glance, if you have speed reading as a solution in the senseu0085

Real Estate

Increase of rents offices in Moscow last year amounted to 30,8%. Such abrupt changes are unique to the Russian capital. Currently in Moscow, rent an apartment. meter office space of class 'A' is worth about 1,180 dollars a year. For the office of class 'B +', this cost is 835 dollars a year.

For offices the same class 'B' – $ 520 per year. There is also a problem of a shortage of office space in Moscow for small and medium-sized businesses. Because the minimum required volume of construction is approximately 15 million square meters. meters per year. Private companies are also about 560-600 thousand square meters. meters per year.

Currently, some of the necessary capital to literally cut off rich kollegami.Napomnim that price growth in central Moscow, is associated largely with the prohibition of an office building within the Garden Ring. This situation can only change the significant growth in the supply of quality office areas. For example, as early as this year's increase in the rate of their input has made some adjustments. In Moscow shortage of good office space is large enough. Thus, the per capita capital accounts for only half a square feet of office .V while in other capitals per capita can account for 6.8 'squares'. At the same time in Moscow, a lot of illiquid office, which somehow fill the commercial market Real Estate. As an example, 'Moscow-City'. These towers are virtually empty, because prices are very inflated. Often the lack of tenants is also associated with an unsuccessful positioning of objects. Quite possible that the boom in real estate, which is observed today, may be followed by a recession. This has already been in many cities. Experts believe that as soon as prices rise sharply too will not. Likely to end this year they average increase of 25%.