Albert Einstein

In many cases, the routine, we feel dissatisfied and the constant complaint, can lead to a vicious cycle that limits our personal power. Suddenly arrives a moment in which we hear clearly in our interior: don’t want to over this for me. This moment is what I call the great call. It is the call of the break that comes from our inner self asking us fervently a different life. Things that may have triggered this clicking in our mind? They can be for example: reading a book or text that has been mightily attracted our attention. A deep and philosophical chat with a friend, family member or colleague. A crisis or major loss.

A dream in the night so has happened to you? If it is so dear reader, you do not reniegues this moment, let’s face it, thank him and bless him. I’ll explain why I’ll tell you. It is possible that you can not leave the situation in which you find, you feel stalled and stalled. Perhaps the same unwanted things happen you one and Once again. Do you think that it is possible that a change comes to your life if you’re doing or thinking the same things over and over again? The world that until this moment we have created as a result of our way of thinking, has problems that cannot be solved thinking in the way that we thought when we created them Albert Einstein if you want other results in your life, you useless more continue trying and doing the same almost without conscience.

To envision a radical change, you need to change your inner observer. You need to change and expand your way of seeing reality, starting by knowing your mental models, those that constantly shape the way you perceive your environment. As a computer engineer, I can’t help but relate this topic with the task of how it creates, analyzes, develops, tests and maintains a computer program.


The key is to know where the largest number of persons found your target market and gain visibility there. Today we have the luck to have social networks, social bookmarking, and other Web 2.0 tools that are available to anyone. If you are not using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to generate this much needed exposure for any Networker, it is time that you begin to do it. Learn and take action. 3 Attracting them with an irresistible offer: the primary objective in the attraction Marketing is that you believe your list of prospects.

The easiest way to do so is use what is known as a landing page or landing page and make an offer that people can not resist. So the question you have to ask you is that you it irresistible for your target market? Then that you discover it offer it for free, via a subscription form. Tell you a ratio of 25% of people who come to your landing page and to subscribe, and works on the basis of that goal to achieve it. 4 Add value: Is essential to understand this. That a person has left you their data does not mean that he hit at your door, literally desperate to join your business. And it is at this point where the majority of entrepreneurs fails in its strategy of attraction Marketing.

The question you have to answer is why. Why they want to join you in your business? Well, it all starts with building relationships. People tend to join other people when they are evaluating their entry into an online business, and this is the main reason that take into account in its decision. So that you can establish a relationship solid with your prospects, think about how you can provide value to their lives.

Plant Life

Summary We evidence the apical dominncia through the method using three plants planted of clius blumei, having the plant de4 the 5 pairs of leaf, and continue cutting the way apexes to leave 3 pairs of leaf for plant. We completely cover the cut with a folder of lanolina I contend 1000 mg/L of acid naftalenactico. In the first plant we involve meristema apical with plastic, being moored with string in caule. After 14 days we get in the comment the formation of small roots. In as the experiment we repeat the procedure but with one it plants under climatization control and in it we place pure lanolina, next to a plant testifies without the apical cut leaving both in the interior of a vegetation house. To the 14 days of the beginning of the experiment we made comments we affirm that the controlled plant for ambiencia does not present brotaces in caule.

But in the third test we made with gilete transversal incisions to 3 mm of apises, being the plant dealt with NAA and lanolina, mounted in water and I assist with it of a microscope we made 3 countings I around number of it of cell of the fabric of the exchange layer, and we after identify to 14 days of the beginning of the procedure the presence of bigger proliferation of cells in the superior areas of the vascular exchange. Praising the apical domain on the third experiment. Introduction The development of the cultivated plants is controlled, beyond the genetic and ambient factors, for physiological or hormonais factors. During the cycle of development of the cultures, these organic composites influence in the physiological processes, as the growth of apicais sprouts the work that I carried through spreads out the apical dominncia through consideration for favorable ambincia and disponibilizao of hormones, that are deposited in the apexes. The plant that we use to carry through this method is colius blumei contends the presence of lanolina and acid naftalenactico.