Accounting Meeting

Need to know the exact status of all of your work in progress (follow-up), and also have to be very aware of what’s coming and how are you going to handle it (planning). To do this well, you must use a software tracking and planning tools several times a day. In fact, it should be the center of your business. (5) Accounting issue invoices, processing payments (and partial payments), do a follow-up to the outstanding invoices, records expenditures, management of bank accounts, put taxes aside everything takes a long time. Don’t be fooled thinking that you can manage your accounts manually (or with Microsoft Excel). Even if you only got a few clients, you need a package of orderly accounting, this will understand it the first time you do your reports or annual taxes. In fact, you will understand why they need to do a follow-up to the outstanding invoices. (6) Visit your customers despite the modern wonders, e-mail allows an independent copywriter receive around 95% of their work without having to leave your Office. This does not mean let take advantage of meetings with your clients, which tend to be highly beneficial for both. In your meetings with your clients, remembers everything what related reflection on you and your business. As with your proposals, think about what you say, how you say it, and how to present it. Always organizes the meeting in advance, confirmed to time the day before the meeting, summarized the meeting, and provides a call to action. (Trying to do these last two things, at the end of the meeting and by email after the meeting.) (7) Management Office even for a business of low operating costs, such as writing advertising texts, there is always some change of plans phone, improving and fixing equipment, your Internet service is down, your web site is temporarily unavailable, you are improving your procedures for data storage, you need new ink printer or fax cartridges…Managing your business takes a portion of surprisingly large time per day be sure to dedicate time to each task, that will allow you to do the work of your client, and do not forget to check that time in your customer invoice.

Team of Nurses

This affects an increasing number of individuals in the whole world. One is about a syndrome that has as cause diverse factors, that can be associates to the modern life, the sedentarismo, the overload of work and to the style of life (CORREA et al, 2002). As the Health department (2001 also estresse) it can be related the predisponent factors such as: personality traces, work areas that even though involve responsibility with lives human beings or with risk of accidents. Correa et al (2002) and Paschoal et al (2005) tells that the diagnosis and treatment estresse of it are difficult, but is presented different forms of prevention, whose basement is made through the direct intervention in the estressor agent. The agent estressores are considered the desencadeadores of a set of physical reactions and psychological attributed it estresse to it.

The agent estressores are several, being divided in organizacionais estressores, of physical nature and in estressores psicossociais. Also the referring estressores to the interpersonal relationship are detached that occurs when the interactions between people result in conflict and if they become a source of estresse (CHISTOPHORO et al, 2002). The constant presence of agent estressores in the daily one of life of the human being results initially in increase of the attention, fidget, riots of sleep and, consequently, to the fatigue, the fatigue, sleeplessness, loss of the appetite and depression, being able still to present as complicador factor the abusive alcohol use and other drugs in agreement story of Joca, (2003). In case that the estressor agent persists for more time, the picture evolves for the exhaustion of the energies of the individual, becoming it inclined to adoecer (CHISTOPHORO et al, 2002 and BUCSIO et al, 2005). As Carlotto (2006) in recent years the scholars of the subject have demonstrated he estresse that it and its effect in such a way cause damages to the organism and the mind human being how much to the quality and the longevity of the life.