Hunting Or Cherish & Maintain?

Series: Loyal customers a valuable treasure (part 6/9) it should be actually the biggest entrepreneurial effort, to do everything to make expensive acquired customers loyal, always again customers and thus distribute the acquisition costs incurred on a long customer relationship period. But the entrepreneurial practice rarely supports this. So the Lion game is played like with every change in the marketing and sales leadership: bite just about dead, what comes from your predecessor. Manager must leave traces, it is so beautiful. Only the traces of blood shelved of the customer projects, destroyed brand continuity and dubious wars in new customer business that are often.

In all these cases, loyalty on the track remains. Everyone wants the longest bar faster, higher, further ‘ means a virus that is particularly liked nests in man minds. Impetuous conquests are needed. You should show results of 100 days. The media scream then still! Who wants that come with empty hands? So, Kurzfristdenke further stoked and knowingly future sacrificed. As long as it has the longest bar in his PowerPoints. But the slavish pursuit of more (sales, return on investment, market share) and the worry, Miss lead to nothing but a destructive arms race that is held on the brutally competitive sales front.

Such raids are mostly customers of the competition and the struggle they caused his own wounds. Because attacks on the customer pool of competitors succeed only with attractive bait: via price concessions and conditions haggling customers are buying the competition. It is a common mistake to believe you could win all the customers of competitors. Each company has finally totally loyal and thus almost migration resistant customers. To pry this gobbles up very many resources. So, profitable customers are neglected to chase unprofitable customers. The look is missing hunters back who always only at the forefront is working and all available weapons in the battle field throws, like forgetting the look back.

The Environment

Therefore as it affirms Chaval (1995); ' ' The Men take off of its environment what it has necessidaade. They they proceed for the collection (what they assume that they recognize, between desenas or hundreds of species, those who are nutritional, those that are poisonous, those that fornrcem staple fibres etc.) for fish or the hunting (what implies a detailed inventrio of the fauna and terrestrial and aquatic flora, for the pastoreiro (that he is based on the domesticao of one or some animal species, in the knowledge of its alimentary necessity, its necessary displacements to use to advantage the areas of pastures at the moment more favoraverl and the use of the fire to increase or to regenerate the zones of percusso) and for agriculture. Each one of these operations implia the use of varioveis instruments; (Chaval-1995). Inside of the dominios of the river coc we find one areas1.155, 20 hectaresde manguezal that it forms the call Park of the Coc, considered one of the biggest ecological parks urban of Latin America, the same it was created in 1989 and expanded in 1993 being transformed into an Area of Preservao Permanente (APP) whose the purpose and to protect and to conserve the existing natural resources, of form to recoup and to keep the necessary balance to the preservation of biota terrestrial and aquatic. However, as cited in music food of the group tits; ' ' People do not only want food, people want food, Diversion and art people does not only want food, people wants exit For any part ' ' (part of the letter of music of the musical group of titans) A park of coc propitiates excellent conditions for diverse cultural and educative activities a time that the same becomes possible the direct contact of the population with the natural environment, either through on activities the recreation, ecological tourism and scientific research the same still are perfect for who are loving of the natural life and of the long ones walked where they find in a its preserved stretches bush of fens of rare beauty, situated in the heart of $fortaleza where some species of clams, crustaceans, fish, reptiles, birds and other mammals that they compose alimentary chains of the flail can be seen by the individuals that visit. .

Child Education Games

The professor can adapt the content programmarian to the game. For example: if the proposal of the game is for the arithmethic table, the professor can use same the proposal for the four mathematical operations, or, for trainings still ortogrfico, and so on. Each considered game will have: the description of necessary material; suggestions for the confection and it to be worked content, involving the areas; motor, affective cognitiva and, indication of the etria band; indication of groups and elements for group. For the child, the game is the exercise, is the preparation for the adult life. It learns playing. It is the exercise makes that it to develop its potentialities. The educators if had worried during many years about the education methods, and today he only has the concern of as the child learns.

The most varied methodologies they can be inefficacious if they will not be adjusted to the way to learn of the child. Already many benefits of certain games are known. It is important, however, that the educator, when using a game, has defined the objectives to reach and knows to choose the adequate game to the educative moment. While the child, simply playing, incorporates values, concepts and contents. The presented games are, in its great majority, classic games or pastimes already sufficiently used. But most important it is the study made on the exploitation of the games at the educative moment, exploring to the maximum this moment with knowledge of the purposes of each game. The proposal is to go beyond the game, of the act to play, for the act to anticipate, to prepare and to confection the proper game before playing it, extending in this manner to the capacity of the game in itself has other objectives, as Prophylaxis, exercises, development of abilities and potentialities and also in the therapy of specific riots of learning.