Brain Exercises

Note: this article contains extracts of the article Studies demonstrate that the handwriting improves the learning and the memory of Gwendolyn Bounds, published in Wall Street Journal. For a long time back the leaders, successful and millionaire have insisted about the power of the writing by hand. Now science, demonstrates this, by means of modern studies. We see an extract of the article Studies demonstrate that the handwriting improves the learning and the memory of Gwendolyn Bounds: By means of tools outposts like the images of magnetic resonance (MRI, by its abbreviations in English), the investigators are realizing of which to write by hand is more than a communication form. The practical aid to learn letters and forms, can improve the composition of ideas and the expression, and contributes to develop to the faculties motorboats.

For a long time the most advanced of the humanity they have known that the writing, in itself, is a tool to improve the health. We see another extract: the children are not the unique beneficiaries. The adults who study new symbols, like the Chinese characters, can improve the recognition when writing by hand the spellings, suggest the experts. Some doctors assure that the handwriting could be a good mental exercise for the people who are aging. One of the most important uses of the writing by hand is for obtaining what it is desired. On its book the SECRET OF the POWER OF the GOALS, Andrew Corentt insists on the power of the writing by hand and presents/displays a great amount of formats that must fill by hand to implant in the brain images of what it is desired. In order to see the importance of this, we see another extract of the article: Recent experiments illustrate how the handwriting involves to the brain in the learning process.


Love is first of all a feeling, so to be able to love you have to be able to experience emotions. Many people desire to feel loved ones but kept outside all emotional expression. They think that keeping all the emotions controlled, be carried away by feelings is sign of weakness or lack of character. They cannot tolerate the emotional intensity, strong feelings put them wrong. They struggle to keep under control your own feelings and those of your partner.

You can in theory accept that it is wonderful, healthy, natural, have feelings, but they feel uncomfortable when they have an emotion with real intensity. This type of behavior is very common within our macho culture. Virility is a synonym for hardness and therefore, the feeling is despised as women and children. Who manifest a sense be considered weak and foolish, men never cry. It is necessary to learn to control our emotions.

In order to live in an acceptably ordered and civilized world, we can not give free rein to everything we feel, we must have an emotional education. But if all emotional expression is repressed, we could easily be psychopaths. You need this expression to our psychological well-being and to maintain satisfactory relationships. There are feelings that belong to men and others women inside machismo. There are emotions that are more feminine and look better on women; compassion, tenderness, love romantic and natural humility. Other emotions belong to the male field; ambition, pride, arrogance, anger. Anger is one of the few legitimate male emotions. Man can download his anger in others, women must repress it and master it. It is perhaps for this reason that most people serving sentences for violent crimes, are men, while the majority of patients of psychotherapy and internally in mental health clinics, are women. When someone hurts your feelings, instead of crying man is furious, and explodes in anger women breaks down in tears and pain.