Religious Education

The composition of the integral formation of the citizen in the basic education, in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases, develops its educational evolution in the search of the complementaridade of the being in formation, it not fraciona its capacity of adaptation of knowledge, but it complements. Of this form, the look that we launch on the religious phenomenon is not confessional nor belongs to this or to that one ' ' teologia' ' , its epistemolgica base is Religious Ensino. It is treated, therefore, of a multifaceted approach that searchs Light in History, Sociology, the Anthropology and the Psychology of the Religion, contemplating, at the same time, the look of the education. It can be observed, therefore that Religious Ensino favors the practical ones of the respect, the dialogue and the ecumenismo between the religions, contributing, in this manner, with an education for the citizenship, that exactly without being confessional, exceeds these compartments to be able to happen in the integral formation of the human being Is observed, that through the communication of the articles that detach the basic formation of the learning, the acquired academic contents cannot be fracionados. Infantile, basic and average education if complements in the search of a learning with quality. We detach that our pretension is the search of the knowledge, the ecumenismo, the acceptance of the different religions and cultures, to the manifestations of a people, the cultural and antropolgico fact, social, religious politician and mainly the respect in the search of the understanding that is basic for the construction of a new constituted society of attitudes come back toward the ethics and values that are the base for the harmonious survival of the human beings. It disciplines it Religious Education must be one disciplines curricular of Infantile, Basic and Average education that from its especificidade, the religious one, contributes of significant form, together with excessively you discipline pertaining to school, in the basic formation of the citizen, as the made use one in article 21, interpolated proposition I of the Law and Basic Lines of direction of the Education, n 9,394 of 20 of December of 1996. .

The Boats

Thus also she occurs inside of the religious institutions. The people need in accordance with to behave the norms and with the rules established for the commanders. To follow the bureaucracy. To follow ' ' doutrinas' ' that they give a false security of that we can. Many do not obtain to guide themselves without ' ' doutrinas' '. Another one in such a way lives the prescription search spirituals to be blessed, in the hope to be safe. believes that to make this, or to leave to make, it will be able to save to them. believes that they will be safe because of the obedience to a series of rules formulated for other men, the captains of the boats.

A necessary boat of a commander, of a head, whose orders must be followed by all. There inside, all follow in one same sensible one and one same direction. All have that to follow in the direction pointed for the commander without any questioning. This also is what it is observed in the religious institutions. the determination of the denominacionais commanders are reverenciadas as orders the holy ghosts. Worse, many of them are idolatrados and venerated as if they were the proper Gentleman of the salvation. We observe that Peter did not cry out to the members of the crew of the boat to get aid. It did not ask for a rope to support itself and to come back to the boat.

It glimpsed something more powerful to help it. Our salvation is not in the false security of the boat. Our salvation is not in hands of the people of the boat. Our salvation is not at the hands of the commander of the boat. Our salvation is not tied with the approval, or the reprovao, of a person, or group of people. We also perceive that at the moment that Peter was sinking, it could very have well reacted and swum in return for the boat.

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