Alternative training methods to the ambitious runner running sport should integrate alternative sports in their training program. So cycling, swimming, walking, strength training, or inline skating are offered, to training in endurance sports. When iterating, always the same body parts and muscles which can lead to overload and injury are claimed. In order to get his performance you can rely on alternative training methods. Other sporting activities prevent imbalances in muscle building and provide for lots of fun and variety.

Alternative training methods should be understood as a complement to the regular training program. During an injury or during the regeneration period also other sports can be exercised as an alternative to running. This prevents an unbalanced load, enables a more extensive training and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Cycling and swimming are popular here. Cycling is joints than running and trained in particular the thigh muscles. Especially beginners find the perfect alternative in the cycling, to optimize the performance of their endurance. Swimming is perfectly suited as a full-body workout, as claimed all muscles of the body, the joints here but spared.

Swimming is too boring, which may try it with aqua jogging. Here, the body uses more calories than at the usual jogging. Many athletes swear by this alternative. Depending on the needs the endurance – alternative sport of swimming and cycling range addition: rowing, cross-country skiing, hiking, inline skating or walking that training can you be very flexible and varied fashion. Especially on cold winter days, hobby Jogger like to lay their training indoors on the treadmill. For more variety, provide this alternative sports such as aqua jogging, dancing or strength training with free weights and fitness equipment. To avoid muscular dysfunctions, stretching and strength exercises are already mandatory. Here are of course at the Run stressed muscles in the focus. The strength and resistance training stabilizes the body and prevents injuries. In any case a personal fitness trainer should be consulted here to tune the exercises perfectly to the running program. There are facts and interesting information about the topics running sports, health and co. online on the Laufblog by Omron. (Picture: Torsten Lorenz – Company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in Kyoto in 1933 and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. The German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations has successfully established itself for 35 years.

Land Economics CODIC

With ‘Bonnjour’, the project developers from Dusseldorf introduces a dynamic structural change in the urban area of Kessenich. Bonn: The Oscar Romero Avenue between Marie-Kahle-Strasse and Ollenhauerstrasse a considerable development potential fallow, because a large part of the area, a former wood shop, used as a parking lot for campers and for storage purposes. CODIC has recognized this potential for developing his latest project and will be with Bonnjour”initiate a relevant change of use on this area in the Bonn Federal District. Currently, the areas are empty considered and rejected, so that the demolition work can begin soon. End of March next year the plots for the beginning of the construction activities will be prepared. Bonnjour’ is an architecturally modern commercial real estate on the market, based on the current and future needs of the tenants. By 2014, the total area will receive a completely new urban quality and thus to addresses preferred to establish in the Federal District.

Along with the development of the Office property Bonnjour”, two more buildings are located on the grounds of Oscar Romero Avenue in planning. To the new sanctuary of DHPG attorneys at law, tax consultants and accountants as well as a hotel and apartment house of 3-star category with gastronomy, as well as a fitness and spa facility. We track the supply and demand pattern in the Bonn commercial real estate market. “, so CODIC Managing Director Guido Knumann the motives, Bonnjour” on this site for quite some time to develop. Good locations with development potential are increasingly scarce in the Federal District market. Developable land are usually under the hand of rented or sold to owner-occupiers. And in the meantime also some existing real estate have come in the years so that users are increasingly looking for modern alternatives!” A silver DGNB certification is sought for the Bonnjour”. To the classification in this category is not only a contemporary Land Economics to present, but also a sustainable sustainable, structural and technical design.

The total lettable space of approx. 8,600 square meters is divided in four levels (EC 3.OG) with approximately 1,800 square meters and an attractive season floor (1,400 sqm) with spacious outdoor terraces. All levels are erschlos-sen rotates into itself and secure the exchange of experience and communication among the employees especially for large users. On a total of three cores of the staircase, individual entrees can be created, wide gateways/catwalks from the public street space to pick up the future visitors over 8 m. The Bonnjour is conceptually aligned to Office users, who want to represent in the long term in a wirtschaft-, flexible and sustainably designed buildings individually and appropriately to an attractive price / performance ratio. The excellence of future jobs excels especially in design, architecture, functionality and adaptability in regard to the User requirements from. Marketing activities run since early October. Due to the looming demand CODIC assumes Alternatively two or three users a rental one. The real estate Bonnjour”: the planning design came from the pen of the offices of Doring, Dahmen Joeressen & (DDJ Architects) from Dusseldorf. Client is the Bonnjour project winding GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of CODIC.