Small Business

The business plan is a summary of the paper development strategy of your company for years to come. The business plan is an important document that must conform to certain rules and regulations. Do not count on obtaining the necessary sums to those who provide lenders their future arbitrary description of attractive prospects, unsupported by any calculation. Any business plan must be weighed against the requirements, which makes the Federal Fund for Small Business. These requirements relate to the existing international rules, laid down the UN, particularly its development organization Industry (UNIDO).

Only in the case of compliance with these standards (with a full range of marketing, legal and financial documents), the banks will be to review your business plan. When developing a business plan to keep firmly in mind: any lender from whom you hope to get the necessary amount is concerned, above all, by how promptly and in full, the borrower returns the money spent. It follows that for calculations related to ROI conceived, it is necessary to pay close attention. All verbal assumptions about the profitability of new business or need to expand the old should always be confirmed by the mathematical calculations and graphs. It is not necessary to create business plans, among majeure colors – a direct route to the distrust of potential lenders. You can easily fall into the “black list”, then you will be very difficult get a loan. In principle, business plan development and technology available to everyone. Many self-respecting consulting companies create more or less detailed description of the benefits with all necessary in the business plan sections.

You can also use ready-made templates are available in many college textbooks economics departments, which are inserted in the required information. As mentioned above, the main consideration when drafting a business plan should be directed to the calculations. There are computer programs that can greatly simplify the calculations. But many lenders will treat with great reserve for such business plans. If development your business requires large and long-term loans at the business plan you are best to contact the experts who can take into account all the nuances, from the salaries of cleaners and ending force-majeure circumstances. Some banks offer services to create business plans, and then under them as loans. Companies that specialize in such services, they know a lot of nuances that allow them without any problems make a business plan for any lender. Only will it be possible to implement such a plan into action. In no case should not classify the creditors of the information, for example, business channels, which can be seen as fraud. If you really need credit, try to cover in terms of all the details of the company, without losing detail. We should not forget about the legal documents that will accompany your business plan. You should not try to get money by any means, laying the housing or any other personal property. Be sure to decide the form of ownership that much harder to change in the process. Remember that some consulting firms may receive from a bank interest for the given customer, so before you trust the bank, check the information about it from other sources. In this important matter, as a business plan, do not apply to books of Western specialists. Remember that Russian conditions of economic development differ significantly from overseas. So get truly useful information for you need of national literature, the authors whose research contact with our reality.

Chinese Goods

Each of us at least once in your life used products made in China. But how, or rather the way in which we get to all of these products, because most of them sold out in Europe, western Russia, and the main production China is in the east? The first way. Transportation from China by rail – the most common and cheapest form of transportation. If you are a businessman and trading of Chinese goods, it is interesting that route for your product goes from the production site to the north of the Republic of China in Harbin Railway falls on the border crossings, such as Manchuria-Zabaikalsk, and then have the Trans-Siberian to the destination. Alternative motor way – through Kazakhstan, but it is an extra boundary, respectively – extra trouble. Term of delivery – from the week.

The second path. Avtotranspotrnye cargo. China is investing enough in development of transport infrastructure in the country, so road transport are much faster. This is not the most popular form of transportation. Because the Chinese orders are such that all that is needed to deliver on distance over 600 km, is transported by rail. Car shipments from China delivered mainly in border towns.

The Third Way. Marine. Not a quick but inexpensive form of transportation. Sea used primarily when you need delivery of containers from China. China – sea power, has more than 300 international ports. Goods are shipped to Vladivostok, the transport through the Eastern (a port) are in demand in St. Petersburg and Finland. Delivery time – up to six months, including 3-4 days for clearance at customs. Fourth Way. Air. Cargo from Asia by air delivered in 1-3 days, fast but expensive. Fifteen hundred Chinese airports every day, sending goods to Russia. A cheaper way of goods from China to Russia by plane, via Germany. Delivery time in this case increases for the week, but can save considerable money. From Germany you can take out the cargo trucks. Russian suppliers of Chinese goods in order to save time and money, often combine methods of delivery. In many ways, the choice is based on the method of delivery of the goods. For example, 40t cargo transport is only possible in the container by sea. But such methods are combined only professionals working in companies, which have long been working in the transport market.