Optivel AG Launches Tariffs Comparison Portal Mycheck.de

New of the the optivel AG optivel AG in October on mycheck.de a comparison portal launched, that free and neutral helps to save the best rates in the areas of finance and insurance, to find electricity/gas and Internet/mobile and thus saves you money. Through the opening of the classic consumer markets for electricity and gas, more and more providers on the market pushing in this area. But also for insurance, mobile phone and DSL tariffs or loans will be more complex, so that it seems almost impossible for consumers to obtain an overview of the current market situation. The optivel AG has a new comparison portal so now launched, offering concrete help consumers to find the tariff best for you. The start page offers an overview of the available product groups. Then more detailed information, such as on electricity prices or insurance, can retrieve via the respective category. The news section also informed about news and updates or Offers of the respective sectors.

The highlight of the new portal is the check plan\”- a form that users can submit their data and wishes to mycheck.de. Then you will receive by email individual recommendations, which insurance companies are really necessary and which are not. Many people pay money for insurance companies, which are not necessary. With the check plan, we want to help our users save this money. At the present time, this is a major concern for us. People in Germany are getting poorer and everyone is happy, he can save\”, explains Alexander Kretzschmar, Managing Director of optivel AG, the idea behind it.

Another highlight of the portal is the tool your questions\”. In this way, user can submit their questions on issues directly at mycheck.de. Other users can read these questions and corresponding answers click on the portal. mycheck.de is not a typical comparison portal, as there are many on the Internet.

I Scream Forest

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