Later it comes the line of our guardies Exus, to finish the work and to all unload the place of fetichism, collecting and any resqucios of energies or negative vibrations that can have been in our medinicos fields, bodies spirituals and materials. They ask for one dedinho of drips to take not because they are vitiated, but yes because the alcohol given in few amounts is a true higienizador spiritual, they baforam its cigars and they are used of the vegetal elements to make a cleanness in the physical body of its mdium and in the fields the return of its forces. after the departure of these guardies of the Law in the darknesses. We greet the closing of the works and thank the Olorum, to orixs and protective guides for plus one day of work and I sing entoamos it (gives its hand to Me, gives its to me love, I want to give a hand squeeze to you) we go even so for house with a wonderful feeling of brotherhood, being thankful the God for its generosity stops with us in being able servile-Lo through the Umbanda and being part of that family spiritual that received in them and that it is part of our lives. For more information see this site: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. when arriving in house and leaning the head in our pillow we ask for that to the faster week transcorra so that let us can live deeply all again that explosion of positive and virtuous energies in our lives. My brother is this, thus is its religion, thus is the work of Umbanda, an explosion of Alive and Divine energies directing and supporting all in the evolution and conscientious wakening of its medinicos facultieses and dons that all being is carrying, therefore love, faith, knowledge, wisdom, Reason, Creativity, joy, etc. all are dons inherent the holy ghosts to all and that it must positively be used the service of its fellow creature. SARAVA UMBANDA.

The Complex

In 1889, Freud decides to analizar itself and discovers ' ' real road for inconsciente' ' (the dreams) through the free association, that is, to say any thing that came the mind without any censorship. During one year, Freud adentrou in its unconscious one and discovered a imensido of restrained and painful feelings: ' ' We are the destination of all to direct the first sexual impulse for our mother and the first hatred and desire of death against ours pai.' ' The Complex appears thus of dipo. In 1901, Freud writes its more important workmanship ' ' The Interpretation of the Sonhos' ' , through the register of its discoveries and its proper dreams, its auto-analysis. More ahead, it publishes the book ' ' On the psicopatologia of cotidiano' ' , evidencing that the defective act was as symptom, commitment constitution enters the conscientious intention of the person and the restrained one. In 1920, Freud launches the workmanship ' ' Beyond the beginning of the Prazer' ' , disclosing that it has an instinct in the men beyond the libido, an aggressive instinct, of death. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Martha McClintock has to say. Being thus developed the Theory of Eros and Tanatos.

Tanatos is the aggressive and destructive instinct, as instinctive part of the human being and Eros the constructive instinct. It affirms that the human being has a natural instinct of death and that the same it must be controlled. The freudianos studies take to reflect us it on we ourselves: ' ' Which our true history? ' '. The search for true ' ' eu' ' perpassa for the obscure ways of the mind, the unconscious call, that Freud appraised so well in id, ego and superego. Id, as representative of our more primitive desires, the ego is between id and superego, pondering its requirements and superego that against-it acts to id, represents internalizados the moral and ethical thoughts. The psicanaltico process, focused so well and structuralized for Freud, in them takes the discovery of our essence, through the ways of the hypnosis, the free association and primordially for the interpretation of the dreams, which will go to set in motion the unconscious one to arrive the cure of the neuroses and the reinforcement of the ego, having as deep cloth of one ' ' set analtico' '.

Psychosocial Treatment

The music allows, only very easy, the introduction of messages that seemed difficult or complicated will be to bearer of mental disorders. However, it is applicable even in clinical situations with certain adjustments, it you serve mainly emotional the psychological technical, or is the change in problems, attitudes, mental energy dynamics, which will be the effort you modify any physical or mental condition. See more detailed opinions by reading what Preventive Medicine Research Institute offers on the topic.. It may also be an adjunct you other therapeutic techniques, opening channels of communication only they can act effectively. hal listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The uses of music, a supplement you the assistance of psychiatric nursing, facilitates the relationship with the client, serving first you start the interaction with it. Sense She also brings of well-being, memories of events of the past and the daily life, memories associated with mental suffering, cultural and religious persons you whom the client has or has affection (TEIXEIRA, 1999). Cultural The music has factors that ploughs capable of to religar the individual adoecido cultural values of to their environment and thus you himself, reconstructing its history.

A result, music can be used an important tool in the treatment of elderly with mental disorders, including dementia. Given this, we carries through that the music is special alternative will be the treatment of mentally ill because of its ability you reconstruct identities, integrate people, through to their to power of social integration and reduce anxiety, providing the construction of self-esteem and positive identities, well serves them important means of communication (TALINA, 2003). Thus, this study aims you promote the Music with the users of the CAPS II with view you demonstrate to their importance in the development of the Psychosocial Treatment and Rehabilitation. KEYWORDS: Music, Nursing, Mental Disorders.

Urgent Weight Loss

When a person’s body begins to exceed limits that could harm health, he begins, then, to take a series of decisions precipitated on our daily diet, trying to lose weight urgent. It is not because it is something impossible to reduce all the accumulated fat once, but rather know lead and recognise the harmony required according to each body in each case and not shut the door completely on food, generating more serious problems. To achieve the goal of losing weight or reduce some fat in our body, many professional subject disagree among themselves of what is the most appropriate method for our body, often by personal interests, offering the patient solutions impossible to be carried out. Why, by removing any exception, patient is the best placed to know what they have to do in a given situation. Credit: Dean Ornish M.D-2011. Essential to carry out a goal is the order in its execution, the same can be applied to these cases.

It must be, recognizing the degree our health, if we are apt to reduce the consumption of energy to our body. But first and foremost, we will see to what extent the sedentary lifestyle comes into our lives and if our body is exercised constantly. If we take a very sedentary lifestyle and do not do exercise to penalties, it would be the first thing that we would have to rethink or change in our habits. Walk some that other miles a day, depending on what our body can endure, without forcing up to injury. Make and follow a well-structured schedule and trying to meet what day we touch, respecting in any case the time and day. Scoring in each session the changes and progress made, without becoming obsessed with the scale nor precipitate with urgent weight loss. If arises reduce our weight by following a diet plan, must make it very clear that it will never be advisable to stop eating completely, but there is need to eat well proportioned and healthy, leaving aside the so-called junk food or abusive excesses of delicacies. Everything will depend on our absenteeism towards the pleasure of the palate, which is a very big damage to the body.

Effective Treatment

If you have tried many types of treatments to relieve hemorrhoids then you can understand the differences between them. In this article, I will deepen each, will explain how to treat hemorrhoids or almorrenasa A and the harsh truth about most of them. Different methods, same results. The first treatment, and the most popular are the creams which are applied to the external rectal area in order to relieve the blood vessels. This causes a relaxation of the tissues causing these are not inflamed. Once the tissue has not ignited, the less likely that the hemorrhoid has spread. This is great for temporary relief, but unfortunately it is almost guaranteed that the tissue will swell.

The second type, which is very popular too, is in the form of suppositories. These are inserted into the rectum to provide moisture to the hemorrhoid and creating a lubricating effect for the next bowel movement. The aim is to cure hemorrhoids although those are broken again. For some, it works well, others less so, but worth watching. The third type are lasa a pills, where one can consume to regulate blood pressure in the venous system. This can have side effects, but generally is used to tone the vein tissue so that hemorrhoids are less likely to cause problems.

This is Focused on the venous problem has its benefits, but can also induce adverse effects and pharmacies a colateralesa prefer to recommend it. These three types are the most common and they are exhausted, you still have options such as cryotherapy or surgery. It all depends on each case and what each can tolerate. In my personal experience, it is best to first try the safer options before resorting to more extreme measures. Even if the pain is unbearable, you can get relief from these methods, the problem is that these do not offer a solution to the long term. The Solution for permanent relief Hemorrhoids Now, we must not lose all esperanzas.a a I have a solution that I was pleasantly surprised to relieve hemorrhoids. I would like to tell about a completely natural treatment, passing it works within a few days. System is called the “H Miracle” and you can find in Laa Thousands of success stories in alternative medicine have proven the effectiveness of this treatment. The system includes medicinal compounds, graphics, audio lessons and basically everything you need to soothe hemorrhoids once and for all. I recommend it and just see the testimonials of users who have had an excellent performance even further with severe hemorrhoids, permanent.

Lifestyle And Infertility

Alcohol, smoking and drugs Smoking disrupts the menstrual cycle increases the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy and disorders of the cervix. Women who smoke the success of art (helper reproductive technologies) much lower – their ovaries respond poorly to stimulation of ovulation. In men, nicotine leads to disruption of sperm production. Drug abuse (marijuana, etc.) and medications that are prohibited for uncontrolled reception, reduces the quantity and quality of sperm. In particular, alcohol lowers testosterone – a hormone that plays an important role in the formation of sperm.

Women Alcohol in large quantities disrupts the menstrual cycle and leads to the cessation of ovulation. Alcohol also increases the likelihood of miscarriage and can cause congenital malformations in the fetus. Nutrition is important factor is weight. Significant deviation from the norm – whether overweight or its deficiency can lead to reduced fertility, and sometimes infertility. Statistics confirm that 12% of primary infertility due to violations of body weight. Coffee Studies show that there is a link between difficulties in pregnancy and excessive consumption of coffee. You should also remember that fizzy drinks and chocolate contain caffeine.

There is evidence that drinking a cup of coffee before intercourse can increase the activity of sperm. Folic Acid Women with a lack of folic acid are more disposed to miscarriage and congenital malformations in the fetus. Women planning pregnancy, recommended 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. Folic acid is found in green leaf vegetables, lentils, asparagus, , broccoli, liver chicken and veal, eggs boiled, wheat germ. Sports spite of the obvious benefit of maintaining good shape, excessive exercise can have a negative impact on men seeking to conceive. Increase body temperature in the scrotum, sperm quality deteriorates.