Blood Donation

For a start, she asked me to come and donate blood to test. Though Maxim, and 20 years, the diagnosis is considered to be his "baby", so he lies in the Children's Department. He needed a "platelet" – as explained to me in such cases, blood is taken in the hospital from her release these clots, and the rest is poured back to the donor. I felt a little scary. In terms of "Pour back".

But assured that all sterile. Afraid not. Maxim Mom went and checked my blood to a laboratory for all serious infections. My blood is the lab tests came up as a donor, and now I also know for sure that no ill either HIV or hepatitis no, no what's the horrible plague! Here's a bonus. Maxim my blood was not needed – he managed, well done! But after that time, I again phoned – said that the blood of my team really needs another child. At this time, "ermassa" – this means the blood in its entirety. I arrived, my mother Mary said that her child on that day was designated operation. I was scared for her baby, and I was afraid to ask her stupid questions: how many years, but as a name, a boy or a girl? And what is it diagnosed? What's the difference.

Just to survive. Re-populate the form. It turns out that if you want to do a good job – for it must still compete! Wishing the day was so much All that is clearly not time to be taken.

National Naval Medical Center

Suicide of James V. Forrestal on 22 May 1949, the Secretary of Defense James Forrestal committed suicide by jumping from a window on the sixteenth floor of the Hospital. Her body was found on the roof of the third floor. Forrestal was under medical treatment, suffering from exhaustion and depression. Autopsy of John F. Kennedy See also: Assassination of John F. Kennedy In November 1963, he performed the autopsy of President John F. Kennedy, after President Kennedy was shot dead while riding in the car with his wife Jacqueline, Texas Gov. John Connally and his wife Nellie. The president was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital (Parkland Memorial Hospital) where he was pronounced dead. The Parkland doctors and the investigating judge Justice prosecutor insisted attended the autopsy, because he had been assassinated in Dallas County. However, in violation of Texas law, and in order to keep the safety of the new president, Lyndon B.Johnson, the Secret Service of the United States demanded that the body of assassinated President Kennedy was immediately sent aboard Air Force One to Washington DC. The autopsy was conducted at the National Naval Medical Center by three physicians from the Navy with thirty military officers as witnesses during the afternoon of 22 November 1963, the manner in which the autopsy was conducted and photographic analysis has caused controversy for decades.


Prevention And Treatment Of Stretch Marks

Prevention and treatment of stretch marks. Baby Teva (Teva Baby): Bella mama oil – is truly a godsend. But to get rid of stretch marks (striae) to the systematic use of such natural oils. As a result, there is an impressive effect: restoring the elasticity of the structure and flexibility, improved quality and appearance of the skin. Such oil stretch marks can be used during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth. Does not contain silicone, mineral oil or preservatives, Bella mama oil breast-feeding is not a hindrance. Also, this oil is designated for use during adolescence girls not to provoke the appearance of stretch marks that appear during the rapid growth of the breast. Soft texture and rich composition of the oil prevents the occurrence of stretch marks, and contribute to the smoothing of the already formed.

The skin is smoothed, the size of the stretch is reduced and becomes a shade inconspicuous. The remarkable result in the treatment of stretch marks obtained by the properties of the active ingredients Bella mama oil. Each extract of 11 medicinal plants belonging to the complex, acting in their own way, as a whole improves metabolism at the cellular level, which gives excellent results and makes Bella mama oil one of the most effective means of stretch marks. Oils of lavender, neroli, apricot seed, lemon grass, evening Primrose, mandarin All this has a real miracle effect. Prevents loss of fluid, the skin becomes soft and smooth, it is protected from harmful influences, better fed, cleaned and regenerated.