Child Safety Informatics

Over the years, has taught us that 13 is an unlucky number: Do not go to the 13th floor of a building and not out on Friday the 13th, our grandmothers used to say. However, 13 is also a sacred number due to its secret knowledge, mystery and tangible powers. This latest revelation has been taken with care by a professional who is known for its expertise in the study of child safety. Debra Smiley Holtzman The author brings a particular experience of the 13th to the pages of "The Safe Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Safety." With this do-it-yourself manual, parents and the thought-to-be parents will learn the essential elements of child protection. The Cleveland Clinic shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. I took from the book's publication. Here is the list Debra Holtzman, 13: 1. Balloons: More children have suffocated on uninflated balloons or pieces of balloons than any other type of toy. Ball-related deaths are more common among children of three years or more than among children smaller.

Keep balloons away from children under eight years old. 2. Storage Boxes: Suffocation deaths occur in those places when children crawl inside and can not escape. Your best bet is one without a lid or with a lightweight, removable. If the chest closes, make sure it has ventilation holes. 3. Bunk: To avoid the pitfalls, all the spaces between the guardrail and bed frame and head and feet must be less than three and a half inches and must not have guardrails on both sides. Children under age six should never sleep in the bed upstairs.

The Sand

The humid sand in the beach serves until as track of race thanks to this temporary cohesion, however the arenaceous ground possess great permeability (ticket of liquids through the pores), that is, the water circulates with great easiness in the way of them and dries to case the water quickly is not reply, as it happens in beaches. Click Professor Roy Taylor to learn more. Now let us analyze the characteristic properties of the argillaceous land and with certainty we will arrive at a sufficiently interesting conclusion endorsed in way the moralizantes words Mr. Jesus; the argillaceous land is characterized for the microscopical grains of alive colors and the great impermeability, as consequence of the grain size argilas: ) they are easy to be molded with water; b) has disaggregation difficulty (to break up itself in parts dividing itself in fully detachable way). c) they form plastic adobe (of easy modeling) and viscous (sticky, grudento) when humid. D) they practically allow slopes (inclined surface of a land, wall or any workmanship) with angles in the vertical line. Let us memorize this, therefore it will serve to understand our study better has more advanced. In behavior terms the clay is the opposite of the sand, which had its plasticity and capacity of aglutinao (to make to strong adhere or to league in way the union and integration them distinct elements forming one all if recognizing the original parts) the ground argillaceous is not used has thousand of years as mortar (mixture of sand, water and aglutinante used in constructions) of nesting (any type of plain surface), mortar of covering and in the preparation of bricks. The respective constructions of Babilnia had been made of cooked bricks of adobe to the sun. Now let us give well attention in the respective detail: already to the thousand of years this clay was used as mortar of nesting in the east, therefore it could not be in one another type of ground that was not the arenaceous one, therefore in the desert does not exist no type of ground tarred, having clearly for this the necessity of an argillaceous nesting.

Blood Donation

For a start, she asked me to come and donate blood to test. Though Maxim, and 20 years, the diagnosis is considered to be his "baby", so he lies in the Children's Department. He needed a "platelet" – as explained to me in such cases, blood is taken in the hospital from her release these clots, and the rest is poured back to the donor. I felt a little scary. In terms of "Pour back".

But assured that all sterile. Afraid not. Maxim Mom went and checked my blood to a laboratory for all serious infections. My blood is the lab tests came up as a donor, and now I also know for sure that no ill either HIV or hepatitis no, no what's the horrible plague! Here's a bonus. Maxim my blood was not needed – he managed, well done! But after that time, I again phoned – said that the blood of my team really needs another child. At this time, "ermassa" – this means the blood in its entirety. I arrived, my mother Mary said that her child on that day was designated operation. I was scared for her baby, and I was afraid to ask her stupid questions: how many years, but as a name, a boy or a girl? And what is it diagnosed? What's the difference.

Just to survive. Re-populate the form. It turns out that if you want to do a good job – for it must still compete! Wishing the day was so much All that is clearly not time to be taken.

Weddings In Italy

Love. How many lies behind this short word: feelings, emotions and events! Constant visits to the second half, walking underneath the moon, visiting cafes and finally a wedding, the brightest event in the life of every man and women seeking to build a full-fledged family and the birth of children. So, the wedding ceremony. How many weddings have you been? How do they differ? Same banal traditions, contests and drunken face. Recently Martha McClintock sought to clarify these questions. If you always dreamed of an unusual romantic wedding that will be remembered for its long life, a wedding abroad – an option for you! Shaded patios of Italy, the narrow canals of Venice, elegant views of Rome will give a European wedding chic and at the same time will relieve you from the banality. Italy for centuries attracted the Romantics and various art lovers. Matchless beauty of architecture, historic sites, famous Italian cuisine, as well as hospitality of the indigenous Italians will leave unforgettable impressions and the most that on there, rosy memories of your wedding abroad. No hassles, away from personal problems and noisy Russian cities. Wedding in Italy – for those who want to engage abroad in an ancient castle, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as anyone who wants a change of scenery own celebration or get married in secret from relatives. Italy seemed to made for love and romance. You see here the romance in all – in the medieval sculpture, the affection of pigeons in the square in Rome and in the reflection of the sea. And how do you wedding in Venice? Beautiful boats, sailing slowly through the channels Numerous bridges with carved railings. A great landscape for your wedding, is not it? Venice will appear before you as you draw, fantasy, coming from the water and maintain your unique look through Goals. Hundreds of people around the world are dreaming about a wedding in Venice. Select whether you are a wedding in Rome, or a wedding in Venice, Italy will give you all its splendor, will be the perfect backdrop for wedding photos and create a fantastic mood, which you could not even dream of.


All that we know of Sicily, is that it is an island, and that it is part of Italy, and yet there can be a vacation-vacation in Sicily That general, probably all. And what is Sicily, really? Camillo Borghese said about Sicily : "The island, which is too little of the island, and has too many mythical and real, dark and radiant, magnificent and terrible." Yes, that's such Sicily is presented to the guests – a kind and hospitable, and at the same times are tough and angry. It is an island of contradictions: the only place side by side with Ferrari and Maserati abandoned houses along the highways, deserted sandy steppe with magnificent gardens of orange, black lava with a colorful carpet of flowers, professional history mafizi with hospitality and traditional welcome of the islanders. And how many myths and stories keeps the island. In Sicily, every town – is a separate world, about the Sicilian D. Bufalino wrote: "country rather than region, and besides, diverse country with many realities." Where did the island a 'mnogosloychatost'? Many agree that the whole matter in the story: every time conquerors contributes to the culture of Sicily their habits, manners and customs. Click Dean Ornish M.D to learn more. And there were many invaders – Sicily was the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, who "discovered" the Greeks, fell in love with its nature, and they who have made it center of the universe. Played a role, and geography of the island of Sicily, was perfectly positioned for gains in both Europe and Africa. And since conquered the island and the Arabs, and Normans, and Spaniards, Germans and French and in the end the same Italians, in the end, all these cultures mixed in a substrate, which became the basis of the Sicilian mentality. Dean Ornish M.D recognizes the significance of this. In all Europe, you will not find another such place where so gives a rich history, multinational culture, scrumptious cuisine, lush nature and the emerald sea


If there is something beyond the pleasure principle, by consequence be forced to admit that there was also a time before the trend of the wish-fulfillment dream. Learn more on the subject from The Cleveland Clinic. This does not contradict the role to be taken later. “In other words, Freud is putting the traumatic dream as though at a prehistory of this trend director of desire. These dreams logically refer to a time before the establishment of desire or, according to what Freud will continue to work in the text, logically prior to the life instinct. The traumatic dream responds to a trend even more primitive than the pleasure principle. These marked differences are also important differences in the clinic on the way to work with the dreams of anguish, comparable to the nightmares and traumatic dreams equivalent to the night terrors of children. When an emergence of an anxiety dream in analysis associated with the subject and therefore it can work like any other dream.

The presence of distress calls to work in analysis and can be seen that many times the patient is waiting for the time of the session to tell it and develop it presented in his sleep. In the case of traumatic dream no associations, there is always the same: the subject it refers to the same accident or dream situation. These dreams are repetitive and the ability to work is to discuss the subject on the accident or trauma experienced told with as much detail as possible, reading everything that happened, what you thought, how they lived, what happened to those with him, and to accomplish this the analyst should be asking in order to talk to the patient. This work is, in short, to make the derivation of this endowment through the word, working through similar to the one made in the case of a duel. Bibliography: Sigmund Freud, Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Complete Works, Amorrortu Editores, Buenos Aires, 1990. Depto. Psychology Kennedy University Hospital, Buenos Aires, 1993 Mr. Germain De Stefano Former Psychologist Eva Peron Hospital.

National Naval Medical Center

Suicide of James V. Forrestal on 22 May 1949, the Secretary of Defense James Forrestal committed suicide by jumping from a window on the sixteenth floor of the Hospital. Her body was found on the roof of the third floor. Forrestal was under medical treatment, suffering from exhaustion and depression. Autopsy of John F. Kennedy See also: Assassination of John F. Kennedy In November 1963, he performed the autopsy of President John F. Kennedy, after President Kennedy was shot dead while riding in the car with his wife Jacqueline, Texas Gov. John Connally and his wife Nellie. The president was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital (Parkland Memorial Hospital) where he was pronounced dead. The Parkland doctors and the investigating judge Justice prosecutor insisted attended the autopsy, because he had been assassinated in Dallas County. However, in violation of Texas law, and in order to keep the safety of the new president, Lyndon B.Johnson, the Secret Service of the United States demanded that the body of assassinated President Kennedy was immediately sent aboard Air Force One to Washington DC. The autopsy was conducted at the National Naval Medical Center by three physicians from the Navy with thirty military officers as witnesses during the afternoon of 22 November 1963, the manner in which the autopsy was conducted and photographic analysis has caused controversy for decades.


Prevention And Treatment Of Stretch Marks

Prevention and treatment of stretch marks. Baby Teva (Teva Baby): Bella mama oil – is truly a godsend. But to get rid of stretch marks (striae) to the systematic use of such natural oils. As a result, there is an impressive effect: restoring the elasticity of the structure and flexibility, improved quality and appearance of the skin. Such oil stretch marks can be used during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth. Does not contain silicone, mineral oil or preservatives, Bella mama oil breast-feeding is not a hindrance. Also, this oil is designated for use during adolescence girls not to provoke the appearance of stretch marks that appear during the rapid growth of the breast. Soft texture and rich composition of the oil prevents the occurrence of stretch marks, and contribute to the smoothing of the already formed.

The skin is smoothed, the size of the stretch is reduced and becomes a shade inconspicuous. The remarkable result in the treatment of stretch marks obtained by the properties of the active ingredients Bella mama oil. Each extract of 11 medicinal plants belonging to the complex, acting in their own way, as a whole improves metabolism at the cellular level, which gives excellent results and makes Bella mama oil one of the most effective means of stretch marks. Oils of lavender, neroli, apricot seed, lemon grass, evening Primrose, mandarin All this has a real miracle effect. Prevents loss of fluid, the skin becomes soft and smooth, it is protected from harmful influences, better fed, cleaned and regenerated.

Brehm Needles

Controversy surrounding this incomprehensible behavior was set. Pliny the Elder described in the Encyclopedia 'natural history' hedgehog as a real suicide. According to him, hedgehog filled hole sour apples and died. Probably from delight: so many apples! However, in the story came to us from the I century BC, there is a rational core. It's something apple tart. Hedgehog in the relentless loitering in search of food, unwittingly, schesyvaet his 'brush' a great many mites. (A valuable related resource: Professor Roy Taylor). By the way, that's another argument in favor of that at a meeting with a hedgehog is best to go their separate ways, leaving prickly wanderer same opportunity! Parasitology in natural foci of tularemia and encephalitis sometimes rely in their calculations on the 'hedgehog-case'. See The Cleveland Clinic for more details and insights. This – the number of ticks collected involuntarily hedgehog hour jog in the woods.

Parasites (here the word is suitable in both meanings) hedgehog are pleased beyond measure: the table and shelter, and transportation to their services. And what is a hedgehog? Paw for ear not pocheshesh. That's why a hedgehog on a picture and catches an apple tart to acid, poison the blood-suckers. In captivity, hedgehogs to disinfect strove to sink thorn in any acute smelling of rags and even dropped by someone cigarettes. Therefore, the message of one American researcher that hedgehogs some species increase their needle-piercing action, lubricating them with poison from the parotid glands of toads, is questionable. Not that hedgehogs bite unhappy frogs their cancer.

And that they, like the Indians on the warpath, enjoy abie 'curare' for military purposes. Jerzy, of course, are fighting, but with the ticks and fleas! Although the Who, hedgehogs, will decide that they are a solid mystery. It would seem that a hedgehog, in order to hygiene, water is essential as air. Nothing like that. However, without water for drinking hedgehogs can not live, but swimming is for them – a terrible punishment. AE Brehm tells how the fox is straightened with a hedgehog: wheel it to any pool. When a hedgehog water crushes the fox seizes his teeth into his soft belly: a hedgehog without needles, powerless. And what are ezhinye needles? In fact, they – the mutated coat, so their structure much in common with the structure hair. Old needles, a few pieces a day, fall, and in their place, grow new ones. All urchin needles are hollow, so as not to carry an excessive burden on his back, but for the strength they are equipped with internal baffles. Needles are not only protection, but also a convenient device for different occasions. Hedgehog will be able to climb on the table, resting his feet at his feet, and needles into the wall. And if a hedgehog falls, then rolled into a ball, and needle play the role of shock absorber. Needles have many urchin: about 15 per square centimeter. The only pity is not needles always help: owls, for example, eat urchins directly with them. That in the hedgehog the most surprising is its omnivorous about this ezhinoy inclinations already mentioned, but from the word 'poison'. Snake hedgehog can eat all whole, together with poisonous glands. Jerzy calmly devours beetles blister beetles, causing the other animals gastritis or deadly inflammation of the kidneys. And the bee stings them uneasy. Therefore, in the old days believed that ezhinoe meat and ash from burnt animal may help in case of poisoning or internal medicine. But then the healers left urchins alone: ezhinye 'capacity' for people not to transfer, and hedgehogs in any way with the disease is not helped.