Neptune Police

Police have evicted the campers between Neptune and the Paseo del Prado. They have managed to deliver on Congressional proposals to change the system. Photo Gallery: The eviction, in images. 15-M started its March up to Brussels police has cordoned off the area around the Congress and has prevented a small group of outraged that they approach the camera, where this morning held an extraordinary, in which the j of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Government will report of the last meeting of the Eurogroup. The young demonstrators had tried to first thing in the morning rise towards the Congress of Deputies, by the Carrera de San Jeronimo, from plaza de Neptuno, but strong safety device, in charge of the units of intervention police (IPU) agents, has moved them. When I went to start the plenary, whose home was scheduled for 10.30 hours, some twenty or thirty outraged remained confined by police on one side of the Carrera de San Jeronimo, in one of the sides of Thyseen Museum. Please visit Professor Roy Taylor if you seek more information.

Traffic is cut off in the area, where fences have been placed to prevent vehicle access, there are numerous police vans that guard the environment and police officers threaten passers-by not recirculated through the side where is the facade of the lower House, but yes they can do it on the sidewalk in front. Proposals for a change the outraged also have managed to deliver a document of seven folios, which collected its proposals to change the political and economic system in the Congress to which blame the current living conditions of the population. The writing gathers complaints and protests gathered during the March more than three hundred towns across Spain have traveled the last month. (Source: Professor Roy Taylor). In the text, divided into several sections, members of the 15-M movement denounce corruption and lack of democracy, the lack of political and economic transparency, the chieftaincy and the absence of citizen participation.

Bishop Spiridon Tremithus

He died in 1961 and was canonized by the church in the late twentieth century. Luke Holy War – Yasenetsky pray patients do not only in Ukraine but also in Poland, where is the genus of War – Yasenetsky. The day of his memory celebrated on June 11. Which saint of God should treat Christians in the event of illness? a speedy recovery – Martyr Pancratius; at morbid condition of the holy Bishop Spiridon Tremithus; for headache – the prophet John the Baptist. in diseases of the eye – St. Basil's Cathedral; for toothache – martyr Antipas; in diseases stomach – Great Martyr Artemije; trauma and diseases of the upper extremities – the Mother of God in honor of the icon "Troeruchnitsa Injury and disease of the lower extremities – Simeon Verkhoturye, Reverend Seraphim of Sarov; at high temperature and fever – the apostle Peter.

insomnia – the seven holy unto the young men of Ephesus, St Irinarkh Rostov; at St James paralysis-Zheleznoborovskomu, St. John Pecherskii suffering; for infertility – the holy righteous Joachim and Anna; in children's diseases – St Juliana, Juliana Lazarevskaya righteous; epilepsy and severe neuro-psychiatric disorders – a martyr Vita Rome; with alcoholism – the Mother of God in honor of the icon "Perishing" martyr Boniface, Mother of God "The Inexhaustible Cup", in X! century Kiev was known medical arts of Kyiv – Pechersk monk, a doctor Agapit. He healed the sick, using infusions of herbs. Providing medical assistance, Agapit not take them with fees, for which he received the nickname "bezmezdnogo doctor." After the death of Rev. Agapit was canonized by the Church. DRAGAN Alexander, editor of "Word of God – UOC" phytotherapeutist with. Florin, Bershad region, Vinnytsya region.


With the increase of the age, insulina and required to keep the normal glucose, considering it presence of central adiposity, sedentary life e, characteristically, the presence of comorbidades that frequent demand great variety of medicines, as, for example, corticides. Aged DM have high premature taxes of death, functional incapacity and gifts of comorbidades as HA, coronariana arterial illness (DAC) and enceflico vascular accident (BIRD). Moreover, aged with DM they have bigger risk for the development of diverse geriatrical syndromes, such as depression, cognitivos riots, urinria incontinence, falls and persistent pain (FREITAS and CANADO, 2006). When the plasmtica glucose levels if become very high occur diurese osmtica, being able to take the dehydration, with poliria, polidipsia and loss of weight. Frequently in the aged ones it has complaint of blurred vision, nor always valued, on account of visual alterations with in this etria band.

Fngicas and bacterial infections can occur (FREITAS and CANADO, 2006). The DM exerts deleterious effect under the circulation, leading throughout the time to the appearance of microvascular complications, as retinopatia, nefropatia and neuropatia, and macrovascular as coronary arterial illness, illness to cerebrovascular and peripheral arterial illness. The mortality determined for these chronic complications of the DM represents the most important problem of health publishes on to the syndrome. The macroangiopatia and the nefropatia constitute main the determinative ones of death between the diabetic ones. Still more the chronic complications of the DM as the oftalmolgicas and neurological injuries, are causes of accented worsening of quality of life, generating changeable degrees of incapacity and invalidity (GOLDMAN and AUSIELO, 2005; FREITAS AND CANADO, 2006). Freitas and Canado (2006) tell despite majority of microvascular complications can be prevented, be delayed and even though reverted by means of rigid glicmico control, with next values normality in such a way in jejum as after-prandial espelhados for also practically normal the glicosilada hemoglobina. .

Stages Of Pregnancy

Once fertilization has taken place, the egg and sperm are no longer exist. Thus arises a new person. This is a proven and indisputable scientific truth. On the first day the human being is a tiny living organism that weighs just 15 gram millonesimas ten. This first cell is a human being with its own identity and a different from his mother’s genetic composition. That first cell found all the genetic qualities of the individual, which will develop progressively. On the seventh day of conceived, the embryo measures mm and medium and emits a chemical message that forcing the mother to keep it, is the child which stops the menstrual cycle of his mother. The heart still can not hear but already beats and has approximately the size of a grain of wheat.

Within two weeks, the heart already beats and the child is very small but sketched members. After eight weeks, the child already measured three inches from head to hips, already owns fully human form, has head, arms, fingers, etc. It has even drawn hands lines. Between eight and ten weeks, fingerprints are already mentioned, are very small. If I could take a photo and enlarge it, we would get fingerprinted perfectly and already you could give your identity card. These traces do not change until the end of his life. At twelve weeks, the child is much larger.

If at that time were stroking the upper lip with a thread, it would make a grimace. It is already capable of close your eyes, close the cuffs and swallows large amount of amniotic fluid because babies like them much and they drink it continuously. It is demonstrated that many children have hiccups because they drink very in a hurry. It is then when the mother feels her movements. At 16 weeks, with only 12 or 12 millimeters long, the child can use their hands to grab, you can swim and up tumbling. The child of 18 weeks, is active and energetic, flexing muscles, gives punches and kicks, now the mother feels her movements more clearly. Before the advance of science, it was thought that at this stage, the age of the activity, life began. However, the actual development of the child began at conception, 18 weeks earlier. From now on, everything will be simple growth and development, because the child is perfectly formed. While it grows inside the mother’s womb, the child develops separately from it, with its provision of individual blood. Legal logic from these scientific facts lead us to conclude that the murder of the child not born in any of its stages constitutes a crime identical to the killing of any human being that is outside the mother’s womb, with the aggravating circumstance that this is of the most defenseless being that exists. Stages of pregnancy pregnant women

Guerrero Dragon

Heard a great ROAR, the Earth trembles, opens, it feels as if this world ceased to exist, is there where emerges, a large Castle is a sound between DIN and harmonious, like Castle, seems to echo of Crystal, the trembling ends with the construction of the Crystal Castle, seems that everything is at peace, more however has begun. The Castle gate, can be heard as grinding between mohecido by the time which has not forgiven, emerge some figures the guardians manage to see where it is, your stamp is death for anyone who dares try to reach fences of the Crystal Castle. Horizon villages are wrapped in flames horses run desperate villagers die, the children cry open hope for the future? Women take desperate to their children, the night turns violent flames heat overwhelms the heart of this humble people, you pleas them, the pain does not matter to the aggressors, the wind lifts fire, ashes leave sorrows, a full of crying girl I know clings to its mother’s body by moving it desperately hope that open your eyes more however you don’t know her to deceased, feel the heat of the flames but don’t want to separate from the body of his mother open hope for the future? Dawn is wrapped after the desolation. Click Kevin P. Campbell, PhD for additional related pages. Different young people from various parts of the East arrive gradually after several years of hard training some of them life has not been fair nor nor benevolent a young man named Jan Gar village achieving reaches see destruction in that place, tilted his face, unable to withstand the scene, unsubscribe from your horse know inca as an act of respect for the fallen people, a horse is heard and with the arrival of a man. -Tell me you’re causing this.! More however the young Gar Jan simply incorporates says not a word – if I don’t respond, I will make you to tell me the strength, my name is Lotu Chee el Guerrero Dragon. .

Steve Alpizar Goals

Achieve real change requires continued commitment because custom in which our thoughts and actions change driven by the external changes. One of the ways of achieving power and control in our lives is the compliance of goals as Steve Alpizar established it in his book changing our system of beliefs to achieve success, every time we propose something and then fulfill it our mind will by associating the power of our life, of our word, here you will learn the way in which his word has real weight, you can achieve a faith and belief deep of your goals, also high motivation that will allow you to defeat all obstacles that arise. At the beginning you can start with small goals and achieve forge us a discipline, the problem is that most people want big goals in a short time when their minds are not accustomed to the achievement, we must go further in increasing and systematic way. for the most urgent things we must propose us compelling goals, which is a command that is sent to the universe with an extraordinary strength, where it will accept the subconscious mind and the universal creative energy. In this wonderful book You will learn how to harmonize their desires and achieve their goals materialize in little time and, practically, the only effort that should be done, is to set the goal, according to the appropriate techniques described in the book. Propose targets that if they work implies an internal change, when that information is carried to the subconscious mind to manifest all external conditions. When you are acting, if you do things differently, you are sending a powerful message to the universe on a goal in particular, with the law on the care you will create what you want, everything you perceive is part of him, you are the universe itself.

Eastern Europe

Castro retruca with his egalitarianism was eliminated unemployment and guaranteed the entire population free and high quality health and education. The University of Chicago is actively involved in the matter. Fidel critics claim that the created a new oligarchy and Forbes magazine accuses him of having a US $ 900 million fortune, which he challenges that you try. How Fidel avoided an anti-Communist uprising type 1989-91 while accusing Castro of having liquidated some of his collaborators who sought to undermine him (like Ochoa), the truth is that Cuba waged massive purges and killings type Stalin or a cultural revolution. Likewise, Cuba has not had any revolution that sought to democratize or improve to Socialism (type Hungary 1956, Prague 1968, Poland 1980 or 1989 Beijing) and even less a pro-Western popular uprising that shook Eastern Europe in 1989-91 and still lying pro-Russian Governments as in Ukraine and Georgia. Of all the countries that formed the Council for mutual economic assistance (COMECON or CAME) only Cuba and Viet Nam were spared how it collapsed the dominant Communist Party in 1991. In the USSR, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and the German Democratic Republic (GDR), a series of popular protests were undermining the regime of the party unique.

Much of the marches were led by sectors that were pro-us and in the 1990s all those States were Unraveling the estatizada and planned economy giving way to privatization and free enterprise, as well as proclaiming new multiparty democracies. Cuba and Viet Nam were spared of such developments by having a different history and be in a very distant continent. While in the USA Eastern Europe it was seen as an ally against the hard and a symbol of progress and freedom, in Cuba and Indochina had a strong popular resistance to Washington who had repelled militarily or postulated a lock. While in Europe the East saw as the western part of the continent had better living standards and consumer goods, Cuba and Viet Nam their populations saw that their neighbors had high rates of unemployment and poverty, so their economic models do not down him attraction Yes was the European Community for the euro-orientales.

Swiss National Science Foundation

American researchers report research letters in the environmental, that the University reported every year, around two million people die of the consequences of excessive air pollution of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (United States) with reference to the study that air pollution causes the death of 2.1 million people worldwide in one year alone. Particularly in South and East Asia, there are more and more deaths due to higher temperatures and heavily polluted air. In major cities such as Beijing, Singapore, Delhi, smog, which has become a major burden for many residents frequently arises. The so-called environmental performance index (EPI) (, which is annually levied by the University of Yale, shows that Switzerland, followed by Latvia, Norway and Luxembourg has the lowest air pollution. Worst countries of Iraq, Uzbekistan and India cut off. Germany is ranked 11th by a total of 132 countries… In Europe alone around 420.00 died within a year, according to statistics the EU Environment Agency People in advance of the effects of particulate matter and a high concentration of ozone.

This particularly cars, agricultural and industrial produce large amounts of exhaust gases. The Environment Agency headquartered in Copenhagen reported that more than 90 percent of Europeans who live in large cities, are exposed dangerous emissions that endanger not only the health but also the ecosystem. Respiratory diseases are increasingly high air pollution can include respiratory problems, such as trigger asthma or heart and circulatory disease. Also, smallest particle of dust can enter until deep in the lungs and cause this way cancer. While higher asthma risk from air pollution is already occupied in children, new studies, which were funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, show now a higher potential of risk for adults.

Asthma is one of the most common respiratory infections and can be treated so far although doctors, a complete cure does not exist however. According to the study, 41 people on asthma became ill within a year almost 3000 investigated non-smokers who were exposed to a transport-related air pollution. An investigation of the London School of hygene shows also that up to six hours after inhaling gases from an increased heart attack risk. In the British medical journal declared the head of the investigation and epidemiologist Krishnan Bhaskaran, that air pollution accelerate heart attacks. During the investigation, the data were evaluated by nearly 80,000 heart attack patients in England and Wales. Julia Hamilton