The liver is the experience the strongest emotions. You should not say “I love you with all my heart,” but “I love you with my liver.” It is advisable to eat as do the Japanese, that is, all wet, wet, very juicy, it’s healthier. If you like the food dry and hard, you will have problems with digestion and bowel. If you like soupy food, the less gas and better evacuation.


Generations of parents have entrusted the health and welfare of their baby food Gerber, Gerber vente more than 1,300 million jars of baby food each year and has almost 70 of the market. However, a few years ago, the company faced a classic situation of social responsibility. His reputation was threatened when more than 250 customers in 30 U.S. states complained that they had found fragments of glass in Gerber baby food. The company believed that these complaints were unfounded.Gerber plants are hygienic and modern and use many filters that would prevent these problems. Not confirmed any injuries caused by Gerber products. What’s more, the Food and Drug Administration reviewed more than 40 000 bottles of Gerber foods, but found not a single problem. Gerber suspected that some persons who filed complaints had placed the fragments of glass, in order to seek publicity or to obtain compensation for damages. However, complaints received wide coverage in the media and many retailers Gerber recalled the products from their shelves. The state of Maryland banned the sale of some Gerber baby food and other states considered such a ban. The considerable attention being given to the complaints could result in the same “Tylenol alarm” when Tylenol capsules, where someone had put a dose of cyanide deliberately caused the death of several consumers.At the same time, product tampering became a serious public problem and a concern for consumers. Educate yourself with thoughts from National Cancer Moonshoot Initiative. Gerber wanted to act responsibly, but issues of social responsibility are rarely well defined. Some analysts believed that, in order to ensure that consumers are not at risk, Geber analaques was removed from the baby food products until they solve the problem. This is how manufacturers responded as Tylenol, Gatorade Contact and tampering alarms of their products. But executives at Gerber thought the withdrawal would not be convenient for consumers or for the company. After a similar warning a few years earlier, the company had removed around 700 000 bottles of baby food and had an intense ad campaign to reassure consumers.The isolated incident proved to be the result of the natural breakdown of bottles during shipping. The retreat cost millions of dollars Gerber expenses and lost profits and consumers caused an alarm and an unnecessary inconvenience. The company concluded that it had responded in an exaggerated way in their desire to be socially responsible. Therefore, the second time Gerber decided to do nothing, at least in the short term. He refused to withdraw their products from the market, in fact, filed a lawsuit of 150 million against the state of Maryland, demanding an end to the ban on the sale of Gerber products. Discontinue advertising, oversaw sales and consumer confidence, reassured the nervous retailers and waited to see what was happening. This strategy was risky to wait for the response. If the complaints were pretty well founded and the failure of Gerber quickly into accusations caused injury or death to consumers, the reputation of Gerber would have been seriously damaged. Finally, when research showed that consumer concern was spreading, Gerber spent some ads on television discussing his concern about “the rumors that you may have heard” and assuring buyers that Gerber products “satisfy the highest standards. “