Baruch Spinoza

In addition, the geocentric system is nothing more than an egocentric system: man to pretend that the universe evolves in his ego lathe (). The matter also is spirit in Arnoso, Portugal, I wrote an article with the title La matter also is spirit. God is not suicidal, which was published on 29/4/1993, by the Correio Braziliense, of the Brazilian federal capital: Spinoza and the divine nature of matter the Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677), author of extensive metaphysical systems that influenced thinkers and men of science, noted: vibrational limits of the universe Princeton physicists say the mind of the spirit science begins to understand that intelligence is available beyond the physical structureas if had a psychic brain outside the somatic. Therefore, it is concluded that spiritual essence is not a projection of the human mind and that man is not a body that has a spirit; However, a Eternal spirit that possesses a passenger body, as proposed by the world revolution of souls, announced by remembered the LBV, Alziro Zarur, founder in December 1953. The discussion continues I remember also the point of view of a skeptic, the famed Dr.

Stephen Hawking. From a young age occupies the Chair of Isaac Newton in Lucasian Professorship. He is a model of tenacity before human testing, taking into account the serious illness who suffer from youth. The magazine Veja, Edition 1430, dated 7/2/1996, in an excellent interview of journalist Euripides alcantara, entitled the big question, published: scientists who venture in search of the theological hypothesis are assembled at the same time, of humility and arrogance. The first necessary to confront a very thorny topic without preconceived ideas. The second, a consequence of the belief that everything was already answered. An exaggeration, both for who already discovered that the two great theories of the century, relativity and the Physical quantum, still not fit for who just complains that science was not yet capable of availing the cure for the common cold, to say nothing of more serious discomfort.

Holy City

The cross campaign, more than one year of launched, entered a franco dead process. In December of that year, in their search for food, they conquered the city of Ma ma’arrat al – Numan after a siege in which came to produce cases of cannibalism among Crusaders. Being so scarce food, directed their IRAs to the settlers, which was savagely killed. This situation very soon became unbearable. The Knights of lower rank, who were the majority, were impacientando and threatened to continue alone toward Jerusalem, leaving behind their leaders and their internal disputes. Finally, at the beginning of 1099, renewed the March towards the Holy City, leaving bohemond behind as the new Prince of the city. From Antioch, the Crusaders marched as towards Jerusalem, which was disputed between the Fatimids of Egypt and Turks of Syria, conquering some places more along the way.

In June 1099, finally, they besieged the capital, which fell into the hands of the Crusaders on July 15, 1099, unsuspected thanks to Genoese troops led by Guillermo Embriaco, had been directed to the Holy land on a private expedition. The capture of Jerusalem ended with one of the most appalling massacres that will remember. Fanaticism, or convinced naive to fulfil a duty killing others, He did not respect women, children, elderly, and even Christians who inhabited the city. One of the men who participated in the massacre, Raimundo de Aguilers, Canon of Puy, left a description for posterity that speaks for itself: wonderful spectacles shoulders our sight. Some of us, the most pious, cut the heads of Muslims; others made them white of their arrows; others went further and dragged them to the bonfires. In the streets and squares of Jerusalem they did not see more than piles of heads, hands and feet. Spilled so much blood in the mosque built on the Temple of Solomon, that the corpses floated in it and in many places the blood we came up to the knee.

London Medical Association

He recommends reducing the cancer screening Carbohydrates. Thus, possible tumor cells would literally starved. Perhaps is this upsurge of ADHD children suffering this large increase in carbohydrates? The bakery industry is gigantic, doctors are also not empty practice and the pharmaceutical industry is still huge as ordinary citizens can ever imagine. It created new studies to prove that new medicines needed. And who are these studies conducted? Most of these statistics from the pharmaceutical industry.

And time and again the bias: the low carb diet is harmful to cholesterol and liver, as well as for the heart. The renowned nurse shows that this is not so, BBs health study from the United States, which has shown that a high fat intake does not increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases. You says that the absence of animal fats brings a double stroke risk. Not the fat is fat, but many carbohydrates are responsible for many chronic illnesses as well as Overweight. Already in 1876, Dr. Densmore before the London Medical Association gave a lecture. He said that grain food would lead to early death.

The book carbohydrates, no, thank you”(author: Jutta Schutz) what is this form of nutrition at all and to what diseases she can help is a small guide,. The author Jutta Schutz was born in 1960 in Lebach, Saarland and now lives with her family in Bruchsal. As a tour guide and Secretary, she came in many countries and was many years in Africa and America at home. In addition, she studied psychology. 2008/2009 she has published five books: miracles take time (novel), diabetes (part of the recipe), suddenly, no thank you can you hear the love (novel), carbohydrates (Guide) but please carbohydrate-poor (Cookbook) Tredition-Verlag, Hamburg Jutta Schutz In the midfield, 76698 Bruchsal eMail: Web:

Uterine Cancer Treatment

The precancerous forms of the uterine col cancer are called displasia, these displasias can be dealt with laser, conizao (removed of a small portion of the uterine col) or until crioterapia (freezing). Surgery or x-ray or even though the two together ones is used in treatments when the cancer is in serves as apprentice advanced (ONCOGUIA, 2008). Still according to Oncoguia (2008), the indicated chemotherapy and in more delayed periods of training still, to the times is necessary more than a type of treatment. If the cancer will not have if spreading and the woman to have plans in engravidar in the future, to depend on the case a conizao can be carried through, if the woman will not have future pretensions of engravidar, can itself be opted, for a histerectomia, the total withdrawal of the uterus. The treatment can be for Brazil (2000), surgical and favor to the local control destruction small the attainment of information on the biology of the tumor and its prognostic; Today in day the surgery high-frequency and considered an excellent method for the treatment of the uterine col cancer, can be made a cone the cold classic method in such a way diagnosiss for it how much for the therapeutical one of injuries NIC I, II a histerectomia that is the treatment of choice with cervical carcinoma. According to Loiola (2008), to have a good prognostic the choice of the treatment depends on the period of training and the conditions where if it finds the patient. After the diagnosis is requested, other examinations is requested to verify if the cancergenas cells are if spreading for other parts of the body.

Still for Loiola (2008), the treatment can be surgical, carrying through a conizao, removal of fragmentos of the fabric in wedge form, thus making the withdrawal of the fabric cancergeno, eletrocirrgica exciso in handle, the fabric cancergeno and removed with a connected handle the electric chain, that is as if it was an electric bistoury; Exciso the laser, the histerectomia is removed uterus and the crvice together with the fabric cancergeno, in the abdominal total histerectomia, some occasions the ovrios and the tubes is removed. However, in the cases where the cancer if spread can be removed beyond the uterine col the straight thick intestine or bladder. The x-ray consists of the use of rays X of high energy to kill cancergenas cells and to diminish the size of the tumor, this radiation can come in such a way of one schemes external radiations or of implanted radioactive materials in the body, internal radiations.

Stefan Morsch Foundation

Walter Bruch-make school in St. Wendel. A friend of mine is already as Stammzellspenderin registered. When we have processed the theme in religion, I have also typify me, to help other people.” The Stefan Morsch Foundation offers support the schools, colleges and universities for this purpose: speakers from the Foundation visit regularly the various educational institutions, to keep there meet appropriate lectures about about the practical application of molecular genetics target groups. In addition, school classes and courses of study can make guided tours and workshops in the in-house laboratory of the Foundation. Professor Roy Taylor can aid you in your search for knowledge. “” Emil Morsch: as in Erich Kastner’s flying classroom “we practice living learning.” This means: theoretical knowledge from studying biology or genetics is implemented in practice and at the same time explains the interaction between the donor file, laboratory, extract name station and transplantation clinics with the goal: save lives. Because under the motto “Help hope healing” offers the Foundation for more than 25 years of very specific help for leukemia and Tumor patients. This includes not only the advice and support of patients and their families, but also the continuous expansion of the donor file.

Here people as donors can register. Their data are anonymized registered in the central register of bone marrow donors for the Federal Republic of Germany (ZKRD). 30 Files such as the Stefan Morsch Foundation-feed the data of donors there, so that they stand for global searches available. As with any newly acquired donors, increases the chance that life can be saved to a leukemia or cancer patients. What is needed to do this and what role will’s HLA laboratory of the Stefan Morsch Foundation biotechnology where is saving people’s lives, underscored. There, every year, around 30 000 to 40 000 typing jobs are processed. Together with the donor file and the discharge station for peripheral blood stem cells, Foundation part of an international network to help of leukemia sufferers is the Birkenfeld. Emil Morsch would just young people inspire, as Stammzellspender join this team of lifesavers.

Therefore educational institutions are important partners in our work”, so the founder of the Foundation. “Almost every day the Stefan Morsch Foundation in whole Germany teams are on the road, to the theme registry” to inform.

The Professionals

-Recognition by the parents of the child advances. -Time for the same and shared with parents. -Provide them with strategies to cope with the reactions of others and new burdens and family responsibilities. Intervention with families problem or multiproblema: for some authors is the most common intervention of educators relatives and that is mainly characterized by having many shortcomings both in their internal processes and external. They are usually distant families in their dealings with the social systems in your environment and to them they have only left a professional or expert on family support. In these cases, strong intervention is required both at individual and group level, that, given the complexity of the family reality, usually required the coordination of various professionals from different institutions or centres, so intervention may be structured in the following way: to) request for help from the family: performed by any need that considered peremptory. The family educator has to carry out a complete study of the family without neglecting explicit demand.

In this way he has carefully articulate what supposed the answer to a demand with the use of this response as a means of approach to the family, to a much more complex reality. (b) putting in contact with other professionals: in the first exploration is not uncommon to find that other professionals have spoken to responding timely and specific demands earlier, ending his speech with the same coverage or referral to another service, either at the time the family, through another of its members is in contact with other professionals to the coverage or the solution of another problem. The goal is to gather the maximum information and start preparing a coordinated intervention. (c) once established an initial diagnosis of the case must be a coordination meeting with all the professionals who have been in one way or another or they are working with the family and that consider necessary a different intervention.

Pope Juan Pablo

When I received the diagnosis I felt so annoying with doctors after two years Parkinson, I was very young for this, my first I remember Pope Juan Pablo II and think that I felt grief and sadness for his illness and he was about to live the same, I was completely scared didn’t want to live like this, didn’t want to live that way, I was not able to cope with this weight. I was an independent woman, professional with as many goals, wanted to study the doctorate, my daughters one baby and a girl of five years did them would care? You not react at the moment, I am like in shock could not understand at all, not dimensionaba the type of disease facing me, makes up the days pass you cry, suffer, pataleas and enter into a process of acceptance, after all is no alternative. At the beginning it is very complicated to go out because you think that all you see or reach certain places can be exhausting, especially when they do not respect parking for disabled crates or are parked on ramps. I remember as at the beginning of the disease you will experience feelings of insecurity and shame, I was shameful to walk in the halls and esplanades of the University with that so ungainly walk gave small steps with great effort and feeling all those looks on me between curious, with pena and others with mockery. I safe women that didn’t matter which will say, with a dress style very personal, mercadologa Finally, the rules and social patterns I were totally indifferent, I flaqueo, I lost my security, but only for a short time, analyze it and my inner voice told me what is your problem? Do you can’t walk well? Get a cane that will help you, not you walk better but give you confidence not to fall and left to feel pity for you. .