Bizerba GSP Highline

Bizerba presents innovations for the food craft on the POLAGRA-FOOD in Poznan (Poland) Balingen, September 10, 2010, particularly in dealing with food hygiene and safety are a top priority. Bizerba attaches great importance in his Clippers on easy-to-clean surfaces and safe handling. On the POLAGRA-FOOD 2010 in Pozna the solution provider from 13 to 16 September 2010 shows the VS 12 C, the GSP Highline and the A510 (Hall 6, booth 17). The VS 12 C of the solution provider Bizerba has harnessed the so-called water – and dirt-repellent Lotus effect for cutting machines for themselves. He works for the surface finishing of the cutting machine VS12 with Ceraclean. It is 30 times harder than traditionally used aluminium anodised, with an up to 20 percent higher sliding property course anodized aluminum and very resistant. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta can provide more clarity in the matter. The cutting blades are better protected by Ceraclean, stay sharp for longer and have a higher resistance to abrasion.

This special Coating is very useful for the food trade, because the new surface coating reduces also the attachment and the smearing of the knives”, explains Andreas Gmelin, Director food processing at Bizerba. The cleaning is very easy due to the low approach formation. Also over the long term, the material in contact with cleaning agents is hardly damaged, parts of the cutting machine can therefore safely be cleaned in the dishwasher. The Bizerba cutting machines are also in their ergonomics designed so that even the furthest corner are easy to reach and clean. This saves time. The GSP Highline from January 2011 brings Bizerba GSP Highline high quality oblique cutting machine (GSP H) on the market. It offers the ultimate in safety and hygiene and delivers impeccable results when cutting meat, cut vegetables, bread and cheese. Also it comes with the Ceraclean coating on request. The hygienically designed blade cover, the all-in-one plate with drain Groove, a dishwasher fixed Sanding and the reduction by joining points in the sled and blade protection ring wear that number of the GSP is the current highest hygiene standards.

Great Advocacy

In misfortune should remember to the State in accordance with that we look at the outside. Epitecto in Phrygia nature often is unpredictable when present causing great tragedies, especially in hurricanes, earthquakes, like the catastrophic case than Haiti, the impoverished Caribbean nation, afrota country that has always required help and that today more that never needs the support of the international community. Fortunately, we are a family human, where major crises that affect it have that warmth that leaves emerge our spirituality and this provides to collaborate, give hand to who needs it, regardless of race, ideology, beliefs, nationalities, color simply manifests immediately collaboration by one that requires more in a situation such as that in the present critical Haiti faces. Be present, which Haiti is considered the country with lower annual growth of America, where at least 80% of the population is below the poverty line. Add to your understanding with Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Have already done this the international community, particularly those countries with high purchasing power and even minor medical aid, food and other needs.

It is known thanks to the modern progress of the media that there are multiple actions of support to the Haitian people to the disaster caused by an earthquake of 7.3 degrees and that caused the loss of between 30 and 50 thousand fatalities. Fragmented received news that are received are increasingly alarming and referred to the destruction of an important part of the infrastructure of the capital of that country, the poorest in the hemisphere the quake is the strongest occurred on the island after the 1946, which had a magnitude of 8.1 magnitude on the Richter scale. According to the United States Geological Survey Institute, the earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0 degrees on the Ricther scale and occurred at 16: 53 local time (21: 53 UTC).Its epicenter was located 15 kilometres south-west of Port-au-Prince, at 18.45 degrees north latitude, longitude 75,44 degrees West, with a depth of 10 kilometers, according to that source.


The President of Argentine monotributistas, is unfortunate but real! As walk all?, well the truth is that I recently got information that is really unfortunate. Many Argentines wonder where does the money for filling the plaza de Mayo and various political acts. EH here rather than the answer Ahhh I want to forget one no less detail, the Chairperson miss all the Argentines Cristina Elizabet Fernandez de Kirchner is no more nor less than MONOTRIBUTISTAS. Unfortunate but real. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dean Ornish M.D is the place to go. Do you know how much you pay for each act of Cristina? If you with their taxes and deductions to the Government charges you are paying the high cost that have acts of the President, and those acts mafiosi of the piqueteros, as it was days ago, in patotearon with chains and sticks to people who were peacefully demonstrating against the Government in Mayo.Por Plaza each Act costs are as follows: The salary of the pointer that summons them or forces to go to the ceremony, threatening that they retire les plans, $2500 average (prorated for Act $500)

For each group, the journey from Santa Fe to Bs. As. It pays between $3500 and $4000 to each person who is going to act, are paid between $50 and $150 (Total by collective average $6000) to each person, are paid the food and drink, between $5 and $10 (Total by $600 average collective) to each person, in some cases is given them away a t-shirt, between $10 and $20 (Total by collective $900 average) Total sum: 4000 + 6000 + 600 + 900 + 500 = 12000 Here did not cover many, many other costs that occur in each Act. This multiplied by thousands of groups ranging from almost the entire country, which according to the province, the aforementioned costs are much higher, gives a number of many zeros, and is what you pay for each act of Cristina. Continue to learn more with: Bill Frisell. Pass this mail so that everyone knows what you are paying so that Madam President has great support in Plaza de Mayo.


It is widespread to dmiracion that people generally tend to feel for the birds. Because birds have many things that make people attractive to animals, many so look for them and even want to take home as well as captives. The reasons why many people like the birds are mostly his colorful and beautiful appearance. It also draws much attention from her beautiful singing birds cheer us in the morning and occasionally at any time of day. Not all birds can be seen as birds. There is widespread confusion in which many people believe that all birds are birds and this is not true. Check out cancer research for additional information. Birds are a general classification that includes, among other species with wings and feathers, birds. You could say that birds are all those animals that have feathers and wings and are provided with two legs.

While the birds are an extension of the family of birds, which are characterized by not very large, small peaks and their songs. I hope that with this sufficient to leave the confusion about the birds and the birds in which many people are or were stuck. There are many species of birds in the world. It is estimated that there are about a 5200 species of birds scattered throughout the world, which is substantial. onclusion. Another interesting fact about birds is to be considered, supported by the criteria of the theory of evolution that Darwin launched and has been developed by many scientists throughout history, that birds are one of those species that have emerged a relatively few million years, compared with other species. There are many species of birds as we had been saying. A leading source for info: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. So you can find species of birds found only in exotic places such as rainforests and tropical places where the man hardly penetrates. But there are also birds that they can be seen in cities and places that have been most popular with humans.

Of these two types of birds over are no less striking exotic birds, as these are particularly striking colors and shapes while many have beautiful songs that cheer to anyone who comes to listen. Among all species of birds there are general classifications, within which the classification where the greatest number of birds belonging to the songbirds. Songbirds, as its name suggests, are characterized because they have a striking song and because they tend to sing at dawn and regularly during the day. Most of them have beautiful songs. It may be surprising to find this species belonging to the birds within the singers, but the crow is a part of them. You could say that the raven is a species of world birds that has specific characteristics not shared by many of the birds that belong to the same classification of songbirds. First song of the crow is not like other birds, it is not so pretty. Secondly this is not such that you greet the dawn, since it is nocturnal.

The Distance

The poor boy had run without looking back, so that, when he had run a good time, and was far from his mother. Spin-A-Thon is actively involved in the matter. Fresh, flowery valley, the butterfly spent an arid plain and full of brambles. The boy followed her to the plain. And although the distance and the race was long and fast, the boy, who did not feel tired, never stopped chasing the butterfly, which rested every ten steps, in a bush in a bush or a simple wildflower and without name, and always stood the flight at the time that the boy believed to have it already. Because, while pursuing her, the child had become a boy. And, with the invincible desire of youth, and its indefinable possession need not allowed to pursue the bright mirage. And, from time to time, the butterfly stopped to make fun of the boy, his trunk voluptuously introduced into the cup of the flowers and lovingly beating wings.

But when the boy approached, panting with hope, leaving the butterfly in the breeze, and the breeze was light as a perfume and so passed on that mindless persecution, minutes and more minutes, hours and hours, days and days, years and years, and the insect and the man reached the summit of a mountain that was not simply the culmination of life. Chasing the butterfly, the teenager had made man. There, he paused a moment to consider whether it is better to go back, because the slope of the mountain that he had to lower it seemed very dry.


Well this kind of business and systems are born with force about 3 years ago. They caused great commotion at the beginning, as the new and innovative. Whenever something new emerges as a revolutionary idea has its adherents and its detractors. In the case of detractors here we can recompose to leaders of the traditional banking system and network marketing leaders.The leaders of the traditional banking system go against, because in this type of system promotes the creation of private clubs of individuals, United under a common goal: to circulate the money among members so to capitalize all are on, each to the extent of its effort and application within the system. This carries with it that people get capital to pay its debts or to buy a car or in short to never again have to resort to a Bank for a loan. Do some market leaders in Network Marketing, with absolute ignorance and not understand or analyze some aspects, speak thus: pyramid, illegal, etc to what they are afraid? do I ask myself – that people can see that you can win more and faster money here for a legal and transparent manner without suffering 4 or 5 years to make a network for, supposedly, reach a degree of financial freedom? Why I say supposedly? Why be counted on the fingers of one hand professionals working strong for 4 to 5 years get financial freedom.

Rather often networks begin their decline in that period of time and checks begin to move. Why? By mismanagement of the professional himself, by mismanagement of the company or because the levels of marketing are made so that a 10% earn a decent amount while remaining 90% sustains those 10% with their renovations and small monthly consumption. This is a reality. What then are the systems of redistribution of wealth? Well just that. They are born as need in the market change an installed for centuries, social injustice and that already reaches unacceptable degree. Today, with the internet tool, information flows more freely and enables sensitive and informed of the handling of the international financial system, citizens come together to put an end to that nonsense. Remember that 1% of the world’s population has the same capital that 95% remaining.

This if it is pyramid!. Remember that while a normal citizen, family, loses his house at a time of crisis, when banks enter into crisis are saved by Governments that injected billions of dollars into their coffers. They become rich and then when the system collapses, the citizen who seized the House, with our taxes, collaborates to get out of the hole to them. Remember that we do not see banks creating water wells or schools in Africa. Then against this background, what is wrong with that: who people want to disassociate itself from these tyrants. That people want to associate in private car clubs help each other and not rely more on banks. Follow others, such as Daryl Katz, and add to your knowledge base. What is wrong that people want to use these systems as a means to resolve his future and that of your family? What is wrong with people in these companies find a University to work to create your business on the internet? In My Bank Reservepromovemos all this and also providing a very interesting service: education financial education programming (NLP) education on working online education about network original author and source of the article marketing

Shop Online

OPENING of store ONLINE AVANTHAUS attention! Today Tuesday, December 20 premiered online store! Due to the quality of our furniture, prices, payment and service facilities, these reasons and many more are that has led us to develop an online store where you can find a wide variety of products to decorate your dream house. You may want to visit Cardiologist to increase your knowledge. has a wide range of furniture, and which now approaches Christmas what better time to take advantage and take a look at our new store. Advantage and navigates the world of and dreaming of the House of your dreams! ADVANCE spring season 19/12/2011 10: 39: 45 what we have prepared Diesel for this season of spring 2012? Pay close attention! Since Diesel want to show you a small preview of what is going to be this spring! See sample collection spring new collection of Diesel bets on a wide variety of shades, for nearly all tastes and styles, both of spring woman and man. Diesel launches a collection that we luciremos in the spring as he had never done in other seasons. We invite you to visit the Diesel store and find the article according to your style. Prudential has similar goals. Diesel offers us inspired in the modern man and woman, and especially collections comfort like that. Coming soon. You will be invited to meet the new spring collection in its entirety!. .

Golden Tan

First thing: protects your skin from the Sun with a cream factor 30 or higher. Once done, it uses autobronceador for your face and tanning of legs. Red lipstick for a face less makeup than the rest of the year. In summer there are parts of our body that require more attention. And it is that we are more exposed to natural elements.

The case of feet and legs and shoulders skin is also at this time the face and hands tend to suffer. Dean Ornish M.D: the source for more info. Five tips takes note of five Councils, five basic for the care of your skin in the summer: protect yourself from the sun before beauty, health. To protect your skin from the Sun’s rays, using a cream with UV filter factor 30 or higher. Suntan legs the minis and short pants ask for a Golden Tan. To banish the pale in one fell swoop skin uses type terracotta bronzer. Self-Tanner uses a product two in one, giving a gloss tape and natural expression lines. Some can be used on the moisturizer, and there is no need to wear makeup. Red lips in summer bright reds give life to a face that is less makeup than the rest of the year, or which is in a more natural way. Coral pink for a polished red nails or a pink coral adds the perfect dose of color to your nails. They are two tones that are. Source of the news: basics of summer for your skin

Board Estate

After years of slump real estate prices have clearly in 2011 again. The mortgage rates, however, remain historically low. Almost half of the population now has concerns, losing part of their money due to inflation. Here, monetary systems score group, such as the Fund of S & K. The euro debt crisis unsettled the public and at the same time increased the need for asset protection”, says Dr. Jonas Koller, CEO of S & K group.

The Frankfurt S & K group has focused since its inception in 2000 to smart real estate concepts. It aims to capture the value creation potential of real estate investments in its forms and use. In addition to the cooperation with institutional partners S & K offers the opportunity to participate in the different business concepts and private investors for several years. This S & K for their investors achieve above-average returns. The behavior expressed in the polls shows a big uncertainty: While many investors Spurn shares now and would rather tend to real estate investments, others continue to the classics such as passbook or savings bond. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta may help you with your research. This makes it clear that investors looking for security, what it cost”, explains Dr.

Koller the S & K Board. So are the interest on savings accounts and savings barely above the rate of inflation for several years if ever – of the saving for retirement doesn’t say that may well be so. The real estate expert says consumers monetary systems, such as the statistics shows in want”. As housing prices rose significantly after several years of downturn last year and this trend is likely to continue further according to experts this year. Continue to the financing or mortgage rates are extremely cheap, which also boosted the demand for real estate. Providers such as the S & K group this development may be just right. Swarmed by offers, cancer research is currently assessing future choices. “After the successful placement of the Fund S & K German property GmbH & co. KG” is now with 40 million euro equity the successor of German S & K property no. 2 available. Again the Frankfurt real estate specialist Dr. Jonas Koller and Stephan Schafer rely on the know-how of the Hamburg-based emission House United investors, who have designed the Fund and set up. S & K has a placement volume of 30 million euro property no. 2, a drawing is possible from 10,000 euros plus five per cent premium.