Alcoholics Anonymous

We must bear in mind that the risks facing the intake of alcohol increase proportionally to the amount of alcohol that can be taken. The key to not fall into alcoholism is control the weekly consumption of alcohol and keep it less than 21 units in the case of men and 14 units for women. Alcohol units is a measurement system that has been established to monitor consumption, being a unit of alcohol equivalent to 8 grams of alcohol. If you want to learn how to drink in moderation Please note the following tips: Learn how to say no: something key to be a moderate drinker is to learn to decline the invitation to your friends to have one drink. In cases like these, it is best to choose your own drinks according to your discretion and taste. If you go to take mixing alcohol with some tonic drink: when you go to drink alcohol, calls this served with a beverage such as carbonated water or a soda drink.

In this way the present in the beverage alcohol concentration will be reduced. Drink more slowly: recalls stand the bottle or the cup from a drink to another. Not believe it this way you will greatly reduce the amount of alcohol that you normally eat. Maintains a registry of consumed units: doing this will allow you to keep track of the alcohol that you eat, so you can keep better control of the 21 weekly units. Reserve two days a week for not drinking alcohol: is important during these two days you avoid those places where you usually drink alcohol as well as dating with people who usually drink. Eats drinks are alcohol or with low content of this: an excellent way to reduce the consumption of alcohol is ordering drinks having a low concentration of this or in the best of cases, that the alcohol content is null.

Today there are many brands on the market that have an almost identical to its alcoholic equivalent flavor, so change will not be too abrupt. Recalls asking help may be the case that you want to reduce the consumption of alcohol but you feel unable to do so, if you are without a doubt an alcoholic. The majority of alcoholics do not support your problem, so that suspicion is advisable to see a doctor or get in touch with Alcoholics Anonymous.