Astrological Forecast

August had not yet begun, but its trends are already beginning to appear in late July. Opposition has already formed three planets – Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron to Mercury, already passed the dangerous solar eclipse, as if anticipating following – Lunar, which will be held at night from 5 to 6 August. Picture is worrisome, especially for those who outlines the important things in the first half of August. In addition to all the sun on August 1 will appear in the destructive degrees of Leo, and it will set a negative tone for the entire month, which is not according to what criteria can not be called happy. 10-th degree of Leo destructive forms a negative atmosphere for the entire month – it brings a note of pessimism, frustration, predisposes to physical ailments and can even bring the danger of violent death for some.

Traditionally August is a month of leave, but alas, no matter how hard it is to recognize, August 2009 year is very unfavorable for travel and travel. Even if you are contrary to predictions, warnings and hastily gather their bags and travel across the country, rest does not bring you pleasure and expectancy joy. You are waiting for the problems with the documents of the proceedings with the police and endless misunderstandings. And those who went on vacation, and those who stayed home, there may be problems with the correspondence, quarrels, fights, libel, frustration, gossip, undermine credibility. Deteriorating relations in the team and with the authorities, there is danger of falling out of favor "because of the slander, gossip and denunciations.