While representatives of the weaker sex in the amazement watching as their strengths halves chase on green cloth balls, men get from playing billiards great pleasure. As is well known billiards is one of those species leisure, where every man can show his agility and reaction, the competitive spirit and desire to win. Anyone who somehow understands billiards, can not only distinguish a pool of snooker, but also knows the difference billiard tables and accessories. Certainly, some experts pool can remain in the offense, but the pool table is presented to our attention just as furniture and in its manufacture should be taken into account all possible requirements. Classics are absolutely all the pool tables are those that are created from wood. Since the acquisition of the required wood from abroad is expensive, the manufacturers produce tables of what is at hand, then is out of the woods, which is present in their region.

Especially in demand hardwood. Directly to the Russian manufacturers of accessories for billiards tables produced from birch, oak and ash. A distinctive feature of these tables are strong sides, through which a player can get the right to control the rebound and hit. Billiard tables manufactured by the factory "Start" typical reliability index and quality. You may find Tom Florio New York to be a useful source of information. In our time in the production of billiard tables are sometimes used metal elements. Tom Florio oftentimes addresses this issue. Thanks to him, the design of the table is more stable and rigid. Billiard tables operate longer, but when you play them hear metallic ringing. The disadvantage of billiard tables with metal components can be considered, variations table.

This happens because the metal structure is held together with bolts and nuts. That is why the game plate sometimes becomes static. Previously, the playing field a billiard table made of wood, marble, granite or metal. Today is not a small percentage of producers prefer slate. Oil shale is a material that endowed with a fibrous structure. Slate provides an excellent cushioning. Balls jump on it less. Billiard accessories, such as billiard cues are made of solid sub-tree: oak, ash and other domestic wood. Excellent cues may buy from exotic woods. Are popular accessories for billiards of ebony and hornbeam. Billiard balls used were made of mammoth tusks or elephants. Today, mainly produce billiard balls of plastic and special resins. They are considered more qualitative, bathed ivory balls. Before you buy a quality table should determine the size of the room allotted for billiards. Even the most elite pool does not bring joy, if the room is crowded.