Bizerba GSP Highline

Bizerba presents innovations for the food craft on the POLAGRA-FOOD in Poznan (Poland) Balingen, September 10, 2010, particularly in dealing with food hygiene and safety are a top priority. Bizerba attaches great importance in his Clippers on easy-to-clean surfaces and safe handling. On the POLAGRA-FOOD 2010 in Pozna the solution provider from 13 to 16 September 2010 shows the VS 12 C, the GSP Highline and the A510 (Hall 6, booth 17). The VS 12 C of the solution provider Bizerba has harnessed the so-called water – and dirt-repellent Lotus effect for cutting machines for themselves. He works for the surface finishing of the cutting machine VS12 with Ceraclean. It is 30 times harder than traditionally used aluminium anodised, with an up to 20 percent higher sliding property course anodized aluminum and very resistant. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta can provide more clarity in the matter. The cutting blades are better protected by Ceraclean, stay sharp for longer and have a higher resistance to abrasion.

This special Coating is very useful for the food trade, because the new surface coating reduces also the attachment and the smearing of the knives”, explains Andreas Gmelin, Director food processing at Bizerba. The cleaning is very easy due to the low approach formation. Also over the long term, the material in contact with cleaning agents is hardly damaged, parts of the cutting machine can therefore safely be cleaned in the dishwasher. The Bizerba cutting machines are also in their ergonomics designed so that even the furthest corner are easy to reach and clean. This saves time. The GSP Highline from January 2011 brings Bizerba GSP Highline high quality oblique cutting machine (GSP H) on the market. It offers the ultimate in safety and hygiene and delivers impeccable results when cutting meat, cut vegetables, bread and cheese. Also it comes with the Ceraclean coating on request. The hygienically designed blade cover, the all-in-one plate with drain Groove, a dishwasher fixed Sanding and the reduction by joining points in the sled and blade protection ring wear that number of the GSP is the current highest hygiene standards.