Blood Donation

For a start, she asked me to come and donate blood to test. Though Maxim, and 20 years, the diagnosis is considered to be his "baby", so he lies in the Children's Department. He needed a "platelet" – as explained to me in such cases, blood is taken in the hospital from her release these clots, and the rest is poured back to the donor. I felt a little scary. In terms of "Pour back".

But assured that all sterile. Afraid not. Maxim Mom went and checked my blood to a laboratory for all serious infections. My blood is the lab tests came up as a donor, and now I also know for sure that no ill either HIV or hepatitis no, no what's the horrible plague! Here's a bonus. Maxim my blood was not needed – he managed, well done! But after that time, I again phoned – said that the blood of my team really needs another child. At this time, "ermassa" – this means the blood in its entirety. I arrived, my mother Mary said that her child on that day was designated operation. I was scared for her baby, and I was afraid to ask her stupid questions: how many years, but as a name, a boy or a girl? And what is it diagnosed? What's the difference.

Just to survive. Re-populate the form. It turns out that if you want to do a good job – for it must still compete! Wishing the day was so much All that is clearly not time to be taken.