Division Transmissions

The proposal of Supervised Period of training aims at a comment and participation in stages of the System of Management – ABNT NBR ISO 14001:2004, ally the presentation of a study of case of the System of Management of Environment, Health and Segurana (SG-EHS), focado in the ambient area of the company EATON LTDA – Division Transmissions – Valinhos/SP. For the accomplishment of the work, the used ways had been bibliographical research and the research ‘ ‘ in loco’ ‘. In relation to the data, these had been collected through primary sources, the accompaniment of the works carried through in diverse areas, during the period of the period of training. The study it can demonstrate the importance of the Ambient Management, the implementation and maintenance of a management system, beyond showing as it is effected the ambient survey of the aspects and impacts, its significance, attendance to the legal requirements and others and action that the company already comes adopting in favor of the environment. Thus, on the basis of the analysis of data of the work, the methodology of the SG-EHS, focado in the ambient area of the company was possible to elaborate a monograph enclosing, with the evaluation of the aspects and decurrent ambient impacts of the process and its disposal.