The problem to create a perfect parallel universe is the act to wake up. I am an old soul in a young body, I I am all the dreams of a life without accomplishment. Later that I was married at least a set of ten of times I find that he does not have nothing in this life that not yet has made. I was mother. I lost mine I drink. I aborted. I never engravidei. I was wife of men and women and the times of the two at the same time.

I was faithful and was traida and if you to want to know of my life you have that to understand that to dream she is the same that to live. When food is not had, you it dreams of a slap-up meal and soon it will be dancing under a crystal luster and the hunger if it goes. Illusion is my name because my life is not real, but as to prove this for my body that believes what it lives? The times agreement and I look my pretty husband to me who had to be resting to my side and immediately afterwards I perceive that it does not exist, never existed, but as? Yesterday exactly I not adormeci in its arms? I find that this is the worse part, when I I forget that they are not real. When I believe so strong that to my it saved me hero that I do not obtain to understand what I am making in return to the well. A night of these I had the body of my dreams, the life of my dreams, the wife of my dreams and there puf. Same Puf. It evaporated. Everything disappeared.

My wife, my house, my life! She had another day where I was a warrior. Fortssima. Centradssima. in the following day I age of new one nothing. A beige person, who nobody respects, and ready to be stepped on again. the world? What I make with the world? This world already was saved thousand of times for me and when I agreement it came back to be as it was. Or better, it came back to be as it is. To each day that passes I am tired and if I want to know I preferred not to wake up. Perhaps to sleep either the only way to wake up for my life of truth. Perhaps the only skill to be forever with the people who I love either sleeping and dreaming, as one eats. I know that he is confused.