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COPLANNER IN numbers: the first half of Graz was promising, September 2012 the 2012 CoPlanner Halbjahr results exceeded the forecast expectations in several ways. For the first time in the 20-year history succeeded to bring revenue from licensing and maintenance revenue at the magic bar of one million euros. An extremely strong performance of the whole CoPlanner team in the ongoing project management and highly active acquiring new customers was crucial for this positive result. The 2012’s half-year turnover increased compared to the previous year by more than 50%. The first half year EBIT doubled in the same period. The CoPlanner management team operates despite this encouraging development with sound judgment, as well as with the necessary vision. We are striving constantly to re-evaluate the risk drivers in the strategic concept. By focusing on the true strengths of our actions is confirmed every day new: BI competence by bringing together controlling and IT aspects to the solution-oriented consulting approach top services our consultants in highly complex large-scale projects, the reputation as a reliable implementation partner for the time and cost requirements go far beyond classical controlling consulting binding the market -, project – and customer experience are quickly adaptable and scalable software, which meets every customizing desired by our consultants and partners for more than 20 years. Source: Daryl Katz.