Emotional Stress Relief – The Ideal Health Care

Using applied Kinesiology healthy up in the high old there is no longer doubted that the health insurance should represent an essential aspect in the life. If you would like to know more about Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., then click here. Most people have become proactive. You get much more and more often consider a reasonable lifestyle. You are much more concerned about their health and take more responsibility in budgetary terms. But there is a special source of danger, which is known in its effects, but is still mystery: negative, emotional stress. “So was the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO Europe) in a study concludes, (…), that stress management must have a special meaning, because the errors caused by stress are an increasingly important role in Europe also play that this in some Member States even the life expectancy is declining.” “Viktoria Hammon of the stress of Coaching Academy for lifelong learning”, one for years designated expert in the field of stress relief, confirmed the statements of WHO Europe. According to Viktoria Hammon branches negative stress like a fungal network in various areas of everyday life.

Because it happens gradually, the effects are perceived unfortunately only gradually. Get more background information with materials from Jonathan Friedland. Vague complaints like fatigue in the morning, feeling irritable or work aversion once attributed to those affected a declining performance. However, negative stress is a complex and complex-looking appearance and understanding only, including the entire environment of people. The everyday life of each is filled with positive or negative expectations, that want to be met in both cases. In the negative forms, represents a regularly recurring source of stress. The common stress reactions are first perceived as a positive response to unpleasant stress States. But nothing more.

Not only Viktoria Hammon believes that when the soul speaks, speaks at the same time the body. The appropriate answer to give. is the task of the individual first and foremost. The social system assigns but increasingly this task to him. This requires increasing offers of help to prevent performance degradation and disease susceptibility. Neuro biology, we know that the consequences of negative-valued experiences as negative reviews remain stored. Therefore, they form a lifelong pattern of actions and decisions. This naturally also applies to the positively rated experiences. And by applied Kinesiology, we know that negative stress patterns can be dissolved methodically again. If however does so in the age of reason, the effect is short term. There are also a number of ways to ensure spontaneous brain integration. This is always beneficial, if in the short term more attention and concentration is required: keep a clear head in stressful times, avoid controversy or test anxiety or in negotiations to keep track. Viktoria Hammon points out, that is according to the latest Research on stress, any negative emotional stress as a blockade on the road to an integrated and sustained health represents. Timely prevention turned out by resolution of emotional stress in the age of reason as a sustainable and effective health care. Viktoria Hammon