The Red-tailed are beings very insecure, fearful and fearful of any trivial thing, depends on us (its owners) sure they know to properly manage all these feelings. (A valuable related resource: Cardiologist). For many people the grays are much more neurotic to the queue vinegar. There are no scientific certainties on the matter, but apparently, the timneh subspecies animals are more sociable, less dependent and not elect a single member of the family herd as a favorite. Another element that must be present before Exhibitor a yaco, is the investment that is derived from such a decision. This investment includes not only the national, also the infrastructure, veterinary expenses and expenses of feeding.

The price of a papillero squab, properly socialized and weaned oscillates between 700 and 1200 euros. It is important to choose the best place for the acquisition, preferably should be a specialized breeder. Diseases more dangerous for these parrots are the circovirus (PBFD), psittacosis, Pacheco disease or the human. Remarkable is the first one, which dramatically affects the young yaquitos. For this reason, it is essential to make timely DNA testing, in order to rule out the virus, highly contagious in this species. Ultimately, we find ourselves with a few parrots that stand out for its intelligence, its sensitivity and its ability to reproduce sounds and speech human in a reliable way. We can not ignore that you it’s very long-lived birds, they can live up to 50 years.

In addition, they will need owners/companions of herd throughout its existence, let’s not kid ourselves, they depend on us until they die. On the other hand, they must feed healthy way, with fruits and vegetables as nutritious base. They shall specify at least once a year, the professional look of an expert in exotic veterinarian. For a couple of hours a day, it would be advisable to leave the cage and training flight, your fitness will thank you. Remember that it must stimulate their intelligence constantly with new games, daily challenges etc. They are not pets for children, they can be dangerous for them. However, can become the best friend of the family, because it You’ll feel one member of the same. If, finally, by a yaco or a tail vinegar, congratulations, you will experience unique sensations with his new partner with feathers. Remember, however, that he assumed a great responsibility, has signed to a friend that will join its vital route for a long time, take this into account. If it manages to bring security, affection and discipline to his Parrot, there are many possibilities that the experience becomes rich and rewarding for both parties.