Fitness And More

Verbal: understanding words, sentences, texts and relations between them. Mechanics: To understand the transmission of movements and their shortcomings. Artistic-plastic: the ability to develop ways to apply colors and appreciate aesthetic forms. Musical: ability to relate and memorize musical notes, generate and create music arrangements. Social: to understand and interact with others.

Visual-motor coordination: fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Executive: The ability to plan and manage workgroups. Organization: ability to classify, sort and organize an information source. Persuasive: to argue, persuade, sort, and organize, a source of information. Grows well only two of these and you will succeed in life. Not that complicated right? What it takes to make you succeed? Just one thing: Learn from my heart.

Rinse the first point on Fitness, let’s see the second on the Attitude. An attitude is a mental and neurological available, organized from the experience that exerts a directive or dynamic influence on the reactions of the individual from all objects and all situations that correspond to them. “Many go to billow billow life because they lack a positive attitude, not having made a life methodical, hardworking, decent, affectionate, based on ethical values, but rather on personal experience horrific: Dedicated to steal children from their parents, plagiarism on tests, lie to their friends cheat Always look around, Avoid effort, refuse to sacrifice, Seek it all at the expense of others, live at the expense of parents and other … if necessary sell their own body, to avoid work Getting money from whatever. The end justifies the means people without attitude, I can not say no, to drug traffickers to bad friends, bribery, corruption, theft, crime, rather easily be swept away by them and to them and finish on the top rung of the society: “begging and jail.” Life is not a matter of luck, that’s a fallacy, life depends on you because no matter you are born poor, disabled, if you want you will succeed …. “It all depends on your attitude, your ability, there are handicapped university professionals doctors, lawyers, congressmen, there are men who were born poor and now they are entrepreneurs, officials, presidents in their countries, movie stars, singers successful fit allowed to make the most of opportunities, and their attitude walked directly to personal success.