Freiherr Offers Skiing

Joy of skiing day trips for children and young people with the Sockinger ski team, Starnberg, December 3, 2009 offers a varied program of ski fun with and through technology to the SV of Sockinger ski Department again for this year’s ski season. The Sockinger ski team expanded its ski program to six day trips for children and young people, which can be booked for the first time in two blocks. “Loose carving on wide slopes, elegant swing by the humpback, conjure up tracks in the deep snow, master sure icy downhills – so go skiing with us is really fun!”, explains Angela Bohme Chairman of SV Sockinger ski Department, the motto for the ski junior program. “Our trained and experienced practice leader team the proper technique for safe driving shows in all types of terrain and different snow conditions the young participants. The focus is always the joy of skiing, because then your learning and success set by itself.” The ski team offers the family-friendly Learning fun in matching small groups, in which learned rehearsed but also new tried.

Goal is that all participants with ski equipment safely cope with all snow and terrain situations and to take home new tricks. All children six years and older with some experience on the skis, as well as basic skills, to be able to go to easy slopes and the ski lift are welcome. The first ride takes place on Saturday, December 12, 2009. Meeting point is at 6:45 on the bus in front of Franz Dietrich Hall, Alersbergstrasse 1, Starnberg Freiherr. Return is always around 18:00. The children should be equipped with modern ski equipment and have sufficient snack here.

Since the interest of large and the number of places is limited, interested in ski kids as possible quickly to sign. 6 day trips by bus to 2 blocks cost each ski pass: per block 90 euro and joint bookings of both blocks 170 euro; Sibling: from the 2nd child per block 75 euros and in combination of both blocks 140 euro block 1: 12.12.2009, 19.12.2009, 09.01.2010 block 2: 30.01.2010, 27.02.2010, 07.03.2010 meeting point: 6:45 at Franz Dietrich Hall, Alersbergstrasse 1, Starnberg Freiherr departure: 7:00 return: approx. 18:00 ski area: according to snow conditions (Seefeld, Lermoos, Axams, Christlum, etc.) More information and registration: offer sport / ski.html about the SV Freiherr 1943 e.V. In 1943 as a pure Football Club a lively Club today nine departments are active 941 members (as at 01.Februar 2007) formed since its inception the SV Freiherr 1943 e.V.. In addition to the grassroots with facilities for all ages, from 3 to 99 years, the power sport in most departments is encouraged. The sports include aerobics, badminton, disabled sports, petanque, fitness training, football, gymnastics, inline skating, bowling, athletics, mother & child, Pilates, curling, skiing, ski gymnastics, senior sports, tennis, table tennis and yoga. 1962, which was founded Ski Department, the aim of which is primarily to introduce children and young people having fun on the ski and teach them versatile ski techniques. At the same time it is home to racing ambitious riders qualified trainers, trainers, and staff as also purely recreational. The ski Department consists of a family-oriented team of 170 members, with 55 children and young people.