High Tech Chess Games

The match between Fischer and Spassky held during the Cold War, missiles replaced the board as was the case centuries ago with Hindu legend. Chess is not alien to the movies, Bogart appears moving chips in the legendary film Casablanca, placating his memories and everyday scenes outside the Rick’s, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is played a game with magical pieces of large size, and in Odyssey 2001, Frank Poole dispute other against the supercomputer Hal 9000. On the other hand, chess terminology has words of universal usage. Such is the case of gambit, and zugzwang fianchetto (the latter defines a position where the side lost touch him play), and similarly extends his nobility to grant the designation of openings and defenses to the names or countries where they originated: Opening Spanish, Italian, Reti, Sicilian defense. We must also add the link with technology as the invention of the clock was appropriate for the game.

This corresponded to Thomas B. merit Wilson, Manchester artisan watchmaker and creator of which was used for the first time in the tournament in London in 1883, conquered by Zukertort. The invention was simple: two clocks installed next to each other on a movable axis, with a thirty-degree angle, so that when it served a clock, another was arrested. The chess board and pieces, are the subject of worship and the product of the best craftsmen, creating imaginative figures representing customs and scenes of all kinds, as well as the materials used in its construction, ranging from plastic to wood, from for ivory, glass.