Highest Result

So you can perform work at a much higher level than your neighbor. And you have to do to earn my highest rating. " Moreover, I tried to answer offended no one on one, and in public, so that it listened to the whole subgroup. And I do not remember that After my rant offended do not agree with me, so he fled to complain about my 'injustice' leadership college. No, on the contrary, usually stung to the quick "unfair" assessment of student bloomed in my response. Credit: Cardiologist-2011.

Because publicly acknowledged his high ability, and this was done by man, which I hope had a reputation among students. Resentment of the low mark was drowning in a sea of joy, appreciation of the natural born Data learner. The result of non-standard approach to assessing students' work has become that more capable students from beginning to dig in its heels, in order to get a higher score. He began to work harder and better. He started working in full force. But do not go away and maloodarennye children. Average performance, "gray mouse" who used to work somehow, knowing that they are still "five" to be seen as their ears and that I'll still be obliged, in After all, they put the "troika", not to spoil their records, have been able to achieve the highest mark. Each "relaxed" saw that the main thing for me is not just the result, and then the extent to which each of the Students reveal their full potential.