In Love With The Wachau

The Donaunahe Wachau region enjoys not only the tourists. Anyone looking for a suitable venue for a romantic getaway, which is right in the Wachau region. Many picturesque hiking trail can be found in the Green, richly blessed landscape. Couple sitting on the Bank of the Danube and the ships watch an glass of wine to drink, almost one can imagine hardly anything more beautiful. Here, you should pay a little attention the Wachau wine calendar.

Because you should go necessarily at this year. It is not served at any time, but most of the things that are not always available, are particularly tempting. That applies to this year in any case. To enjoy typical dishes and looks down in the Danube valley. Nature means it well with the Wachau. In addition to various, excellent wines, delicious fruit varieties thrive. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Apricots and apples from this area to taste great.

Close to the Danube brings many fish dishes on the table. This year again, fish, wine is”a popular series of events took place. In addition to gala events, including These seminars. Daryl Katz has similar goals. The ancient Romans were bon vivants and probably therefore also fell in the Wachau region. They are told after the Spritzer”invented to have. In the warm season, chilled wine was a welcome refreshment. Wine was a staple in all layers of the population. Anyway, in the Wachau region you can re-learn enjoying in every respect. In the hectic everyday life is lost too quickly this ability. There is pleasure in the Wachau region in multiple ways. Culinary delights and refreshing wine overwhelming landscape with colorful gardens, green forests, the Blue Danube, magnificent castles and castles. Andreas Mettler