Industrial Revolution

It is true, not everyone has the same access to information, but that is a problem to be solved. Because if you want to create a society with equal opportunities, it is necessary that each one of the people who compose it have equal access to knowledge. It is a minimum requirement. Now I can say that another objective of the school is the intellectual development of the people. Actually I do not think that there is only one way to do this; learn those skills that thrill you is a different way of developing you intellectually, but no less valid. Maybe, after so much criticism, you may think that I am against the existence of schools. But it is not.

I have heard and read many theories of why the school system was invented. Learn more about this with Moe Howard. The appellant says that the Industrial Revolution created a need for educated workers. In truth I do not know why schools exist, perhaps never know it. I do not know if you import. What should concern us is that the conditions that they justified their existence already are not the same. Times and needs are others. This brings us to the question: how should change schools? That is a decision that must be taken by society as a whole. But I hope that I will take into account that schools should be at the service of those who seek to educate themselves, and not vice versa.

How I would like my children educated is? I would like them to learn those skills that make them happy. That he is educated in order to carry out the purpose for which they have decided that it gives meaning to their lives. When I was a child of only 10 or 11 years old, I wanted to be an inventor. I remember that he had a habit of enjoying my toys for awhile and then disassembled to see how they worked. My parents had no problems with this, until my brother disarmed the TV. In school, every Tuesday and Thursday, there was a workshop of invention, which was obviously involved. This did not last long, a year, but all the time that pass within the school system, that was the happiest of all. Every day he woke up with a feeling of anticipation hoping to reach those two days a week. I would like to that everyone could share this sentiment. But for that to happen, schools must change.