That is iridology? It is a science that allows, through the observation of the iris, locate and view in that State are the different organs of the body. The iris has been observing since long time ago and is something that was always transmitted between generations.Years later, the science was discovered again and was the moment in which a detailed graph that allows studying each part of the body was assembled. Hereditary factors are also detected. The word Augendiagnostik which means diagnosis of eye was first used in the 19th century by Ignaz Von Peczely, a Hungarian doctor. The story says that he discovered this form of diagnosis after seeing equal bands in the eyes of a man who had broken a leg and an OWL with the broken leg. It is noteworthy that iridology is not pointing a disease, but enables you to correct the problems since in the iris is recorded everything that happened on the body. (The only thing that is not recorded are surgical interventions carried out under anesthesia). The corresponding sectors in the iris indicate the stages of organic disease.

Another thing that reveals the iris are deposits of drugs or unhealthy habits. Observing the iris of each eye is determined, in addition to the current state of the organism of the person, the history of their problems. The technical iridology allow us to infer that future will be every human being, talking about health and disease. Knowing our weaknesses allows us to prevent disease in the future. Knowing our weaknesses we can prevent future conditions.