Latin America

Today was 41 in the shade in Asuncion, Paraguay. Walking the streets was a torture. The relentless sun. By excessive use of air conditioners, power cuts became intermittent, in several neighborhoods of the city. Additionally, burdened by excessive water use, and some neighborhoods on the peripheries begin to experience low pressure.

And we're only in November. What will be in January and February is unimaginable, considering that they are typically the hottest months. They say that one of the most sterile expressions is "I told you …" but right now is what comes to mind. While this is not a matter only of Paraguay, and there are much bigger countries are the main responsible for global warming, here we have certainly done our share of damage. Have not we destroyed 80% of our forests in the last 50 years? Did not we still burn coal, waste, fields, whatever they put in front? Have not we covered and foolishly eliminating green space, not realizing that we eliminate the natural system termperature control? Did we not littering the waterways, indiscriminately using plastics, using more and more high-consumption cars? It seems that finally we are getting an hour, that hour so announced. And as a proverb says "if the reason does not work, the stick will" in reference to children, it seems that we are going to have to learn in the same manner. We will experience the worst climate crisis of recent times and many people actually die, as a result. Those who survive are going to have to change our habits ..

we like it or not. The only thing that seems to have clear film is Hugo Chavez, the much criticized, the much hated by libertarian fans. Take radical steps to survive the drought that is ravaging their country, and if it is not solely because of that country, will also be a lesson in austerity for the rest of the world, especially Latin America. Well look and see what awaits us, unless we change our habits. Because finally, the solution is there: a simple change in habits. Luis Villamayor.