For over 50 years, trade in licenses and license rights belongs to the most interesting operations of international financial speculation good license dealer profits permanently high here for investors. You understand it skillfully to combine risk and collateral in this business. Lucrative licenses to find and implement them however is an art that few have mastered. Disadvantage for investors: the market is not public, it is reserved for insiders. One such insider, the company coat & Sohn KG, however, offers the entry into this business, also for private investors. The Munich coat & Sohn KG is this internationally active license Distributor.

You gehrrt to the first which made the licence trade in this country public. Since 1997, the trade in licences then experienced a proliferation, the boom led to the founding of the Association at European level. The new trend, one hoped for promising gains but that doesn’t happen overnight. The licence market is unregulated, so that alone offer and demand make the price difference. Strategic short sales there are no targeted actions to influence about the price. Because licenses or license-same rights not not lose their value also then, if they rest or are in development a lopsided occurring in some cases or delayed closing out of a contract can be excluded by rollover.

The so-called guarantee contracts\”, even a lookup will be charged at an unpredictable delay. \”In Munich, the coat & Sohn KG risk funds, collects the them by investors (so-called Metisten\”) for at least 24 months for selected seed shops \”will be made available. Quickly over twenty seed business evolved from a project planned at the beginning\”, an average of just two per year! Also competitors of banks and large tax depreciation company showed interest. But other found on the coat & Sohn KG, through ads in the Suddeutsche Zeitung, the FAZ, Rheinischer Merkur, or the trade journal.