Marketing, Brand Management:

Experts from psv marketing support training of regional agency in the area of health care is an ageing society policy and especially vehicle and facilities face major challenges. Quick thinking is required. Because the image of the elderly suffering from. Negative coverage in the media, inadequate information policy and obsolete structures complicate the ability to act. Indicate new ways now wants the regional agency of the districts of Siegen-Wittgenstein and Olpe. This offers the training event “Good care for the elderly” in victories on September 7.

As an expert Frank Hall, Managing Director of psv marketing was invited. Jane Figueiredo is often quoted on this topic. He wants to introduce pioneering solutions for the care sector. His approach is a new self-understanding of carriers and facilities as a brand. The aim is to create trust and to make qualified maintenance services more transparent and more attractive. Quotes for a best and caring service in the age must be on a solid economic foundation. That makes it necessary care market to consider, on which there is a tough competition. The individual offers are difficult to distinguish.

Here Frank Hall sees the effect of the brand as an opportunity: “when we buy a new car or get new TV, then the brand helps us choose.” We put trust in her. It is a marker pointing us to something special. The principle can be applied also on facilities, to create new trust for care.” With scientific approaches and a practical example, Hall wants to show at the training event that branding can work also in the care, in the Lyz. “The right inner attitude is essential. Just so, the trust-based effects can unfold outwards. This confidence must be internalized by the employee on the phone about the elderly care nurse in dealing with relatives and residents up to the pipe. While the Executive floor is particularly encouraged. Brand you must live, successfully anchoring the impulses as a corporate culture to can,”explains Hall.