Muscle Flexibility

INTRODUCTION For Dantas (2005, P. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Breast Cancer. 95), the differences and definitions between allonge and flexionamento are: the allonge is the form of work that it aims at to the maintenance of the levels of flexibility gotten and the accomplishment of the movements of normal amplitude with the minimum of possible physical restriction, and flexionamento; it is the work form that it aims at to get an improvement in flexibility through the viabilizao of amplitude of arcs of movements to articulate superiors the originals, that is, the allonge aims at the accomplishment of the movements with more effectiveness and lesser energy expense, to the step that the flexionamento aims at to obtain greaters arcs to articulate of movements. For the fact of the allonge to aim at amplitude, however in lesser level of effort, this was the method of work chosen in this research, detaching the age of the participants. The structures of the muscle, the tendo, the ligament and the joint are flexible. However, they can become rigid themselves, limiting the amplitude of movement, or still they can be prolongated, making possible an amplitude of bigger movement and the capacity to contract muscular staple fibres you add (SCHWARZENEGGER, 2001). Flexibility is one of the components of the physical aptitude (CURETON, 1941), being considered excellent for execution of the simple or complex movement, for the porting performance, the maintenance of the health and the preservation of the quality of life (ARAJO, 1999).

Flexibility is, therefore, one of the 0 variable of physical performance, being able to be defined operationally as the maximum amplitude physiological passive of data movement to articulate (ARAJO, 1999). Flexibility constitutes a first-class motor characteristic for many movements. A good flexibility if translates for a enough capacity of movement of the apparatus to articulate and a enough capacity of muscular allonge (BARBANTI, 1997). The expression allonge is applied, probably better, to a form of physical exercises, way that, we consider synonymous the terms exercise and flexibility and exercises of allonge (ARAJO, 1999).