Nevyansk – Travel Tips

Visiting temples, do not forget that the head of women must be covered with a handkerchief (not bow), his hands covered with sleeves, preferably be in a dress or skirt (no pants) prohibits a deep low-necked clothing. Men shorts are not allowed. In churches can not make noise and talk loudly. Visiting the village of Old Believers, listen carefully to the guide about the customs and orders of the residents. Show respect for the faith and culture of Old Believers. Planning a trip to the inclined Tower, dress warmly: high above the ground the wind blows stronger, and therefore on the balconies of the tower is sometimes cool. If you want to walk on the eco-route, get dressed and pick up their shoes in accordance with weather conditions. In Nevyansk few public toilets, to solve this problem you can go to any cafe – there is always a toilet, in case of emergency you will not give up at any store. Follow others, such as Martha McClintock, and add to your knowledge base. Not all houses have street signs and numbers, but passers-by will always give a detailed response as to reach the target.