Taste Bitter Salt

The consumption of this condiment is a thing of every day in any home where seeks good seasoning, but also, abuse of it has proved to be much more common than ever thought. Salt is undoubtedly the most popular condiment of all time, and this is due, which is the oldest condiment of mankind and therefore, prefer your application for different types of food, instead of other more natural and less harmful as olive oil seasoning seasoning for example. However, the damage that salt can bring to your health are extremely severe damage. It is proven by experts, that salt causes problems both cardiac and circulatory. In addition, their consumption contributes to increase fluid retention, which at first glance does not seem so harmful but you should know that facilitates the emergence of other problems such as the dreaded cellulite or the accumulated fat in abdomen and arms.

Excessive consumption of salt, can cause was deregulation the absorption of the same, by which the body does not get the nutrients needed to function properly. net resource. Likewise, salt can reduce kidney function and contribute to diseases such as gastritis or high levels of acidity. Measure your salt intake and avoid lamenting the consequences of all these sufferings. So you will improve your health and that of your family. A. Verastegui hold.

Proper Nutrition

To begin, you should know that nutrition refers to the science which is responsible for the study and maintenance of the organism at the molecular level and systematic level. Nutrition ensures that all physiological events are carried out correctly to not only achieve a proper health, if not also have the ability to prevent diseases. Processes at a systematic level relate to digestion, nutrient absorption and metabolism, while the processes at a systematic level, relate to the balance of vitamins, minerals, glucose, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, biochemical mediators, among others. Muscular biopsy has much to offer in this field. Likewise, the nutrition refers to the science that studies the relationship between food and health, especially in determining a diet. Adequate nutrition must cover the proper hydration of the body, as well as the needs of vitamins and minerals, enough dietary fiber intake and energy requirements through the metabolism of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These latest energy requirements are closely related to the spending by physical activity, as well as diet and basal metabolism. Good nutrition dietary goals, are represented through various graphic resources, one of them being the most popular, the food pyramid.

Photo Canvas Pop Art

A canvas photo is an ideal gift for all occasions. As gifts for Christmas, birthday, the day of the mother or the father, gifts for men, women and children. Pop Art gift ideas for personalizing your photographs, or favorite images. Prints on canvas are also a great opportunity to decorate your wall with creative ideas, such as with a service of pop art on your photos, or film on a canvas tape mounting. Gastroenterology has similar goals. Pop Art service may be in the style of Andy Warhol, Che, Banksy and Posterise among others, which have a great visual impact, ensuring an original gift idea. Inspired by a series of images created by Andy Warhol, as for example, the Marilyn Monroe, you can treat your photo and her coloring it with elements of the image in a style similar to that used by Andy Warhol, undoubtedly the most famous author of the pop-art movement. The result speaks for itself.

Take the opportunity and keep in mind these photo canvases as gifts for mother’s day. They are a wonderful gift. This type of personalized gifts they are extremely original and he likes everybody because they can integrate perfectly with the decor of the House giving it a fresh, modern touch that won’t go unnoticed to anyone. Gifts for mothers should be without doubt special and these are safely. This year make mother’s day a special date for the family that will be remembered forever whenever they look at the wall and see the photo canvas. Expectant mothers physical activity helps the health of the baby


The sign of Scorpio includes all those born between October 23 and November 22. Water is the element that identifies the SCORPIOS and the colour is purplish red. Get more background information with materials from Vadim Belyaev, New York City. Scorpio is a sign that gets along very well with PISCES above all the other signs of the Zodiac, and finds a strong spiritual support in Cancer and Libra. The SCORPIOS are worse with the bull and the Leonine. It is important that the SCORPIOS avoid jealousy and fanaticism, because this would bring many problems in their relations. In terms of personality, the SCORPIOS are deep and intellectual individuals.

They are clever and easily realize when someone wants to trick them. They are patient and with good memory, and are faithful friends for life. However, as negative aspect should be noted the thirst for vengeance that beats within the SCORPIOS. The 2011 find the SCORPIOS very well from the economic and professional point of view with great potential for growth. Love, which in 2010 was not the best, in 2011 will resurface with force. With regard to health, the situation will be very good, especially in what regards the spiritual health, since this will be a year where the SCORPIOS will make many discoveries in this aspect. As for the family, it must be said that it is possible that take place certain changes affecting relations between the various members, but luckily it will not be anything too serious.

Corn Salad

I hate cooking. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cervical cancer is the place to go. Of the things of the House is what I like least.You spend an hour littering everything and stuck in the kitchen, trying to not think that then you’re going to spend another hour collecting and cleaning so that one then start Oh, I don’t like, another I can let it Brown?, any baby who throws him to the ground and the other squeezing before passing through the mouth or as much reaction is absolute indifference. They swallow and until dinner. It must also add that I am still without oven, with which to my I like that throw everything in a bowl, put it in the oven and now I’ll go back when it’s done.I don’t have to be aware of adding ingredients, now water, now salt, all pa inside and ready. I have not much time to Cook, here eats at 12: 00 h and before I have to do the babyfood babies and give it so that we can eat alone. Thus, that among a few things and others the menu in my house is fast, simple and almost, almost of children and discuss food, just enough and already eat healthy in the Dining room.My mother-in-law is the typical person that loves food bio, farm (but only grilled) chicken, steamed vegetables and salads colorines Bonduelle corn and in my house does not fit anything green that are not olives (but she’s cooking, no nothing). The first day I did chicken in sauce with potatoes and you already put him a stick.For dinner, omelette and I already spoke of cholesterol. Child number 1 preferred fried eggs and got scared talking of salmonella (do?).

The second day played schnitzel with potatoes and already made me clear that she Fries or test them, which not is that of trans fats, so I did them in pure and he ate bad WINS. We ate bread with Sausage (which in my chiqui island would be a pa amb oli) because otherwise not, but bread in France, of all colors. Because she only cereal bread and little, that fattening.On the third day I took it to buy and said he seized what they need, what they were accustomed to eating. Charge of salads.

Paz Oldness

The oldness has become the present time in a phenomenon characteristic of the western societies, in which the preoccupation by her has been increased as it increased to the number of people longevas, done that is pronounced since the end of century XIX. It is from then when the oldness begins to constitute a social, medical and anthropological problem in the western societies, in the societies that as of that old moment are going to be described as . The oldness has evident deficiencies but disease cannot be called. The health depends on the qualities, and these change throughout the life. The health always cannot be the same. However, the oldness, in which the functions are debilitated is not considered by Galen like a disease, since the disease is a state against natura. From the antiquity, it has been tried to give to rational explanations to the aging process, considering the form to restrain it and the way to obtain that the men lived their oldness on the possible most healthful way. The existence of old woman patients, whose number has been growing, has taken to medicine to have to orient towards this sector its basic investigations and also is forced to reconstruct the sanitary welfare organization adapting itself to the demands of this increasing part of the society.

The growth of the longevity puts in evidence the necessity to reframe the health concept and to prepare the individual, to the society and the own health, to adapt itself to the limitations, needs and problems that the quality raises as an older person or oldness. And as the poet said: With time you will learn/that is to say what is the time; /the bad thing is that some times/ arrives the remedy very behind schedule. Francisco Aryan Soli’s Wanting as we want for us independence and the freedom we also wished, it for all the Earth towns. (Phrase of Fermn Salvochea glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea). Vestibule of Internauts by La Paz and the Freedom and of Free Forum.

Psychiatric Medicine

The concepts of quality of life is subjective sense Eel welfare of each individual derived from the daily experience of its vidau (Sanz, 1991). It's something personal, intimate, like what are the reasons why we refuse to perform the recommended (Liang, 1989). The individual is the best judge of their own quality of life. What is quality of life is more open to philosophical disquisitions that a scientific approach. However, it is necessary to conceptualize precisely for two reasons: 1U determine is exactly what is meant by good and poor quality of life, what parameters define its weight and the subjective and the objective, and 2U Set the multidimensional quality of life term , for intervention programs aimed at promoting health in the elderly. From a normative or moral conception of quality of life has a strict ethical conditions which differentiates good from bad, to do what not to do, which allowed the forbidden.

Quality of life becomes a huge moralidadu. From the evaluative context, the term quality of life is a statistical index that allows for different levels, higher or lower quality of life in the welfare function economic. From the descriptive point of view, the term quality, comes from the Latin equalitasu, which means what a person makes in quality, so the individual and different from other living beings. Autonomasia quality by the human being is the reason, so that quality of life comes to be identified as rationality. In Castilian is a second meaning of quality of ecalidezu, the quality of what you have warm or hot. Quality of life would thus life warm, cozy, comfortable.

Sociology Since the quality of life or life satisfaction of elderly Ees the result of adaptation and evolution of personality to the society in which viveu. From the Psychiatric Medicine, the quality of life is a concept and internal epersonal based on the integration of several factors related to the idea of self, and with the individual's interaction with his external world and their projects existencialesu (Bobes, 1993); All assessments would be the individual does on each of the domains of your life actualu (Lawton, 1984), considered as a whole, with reference to past, present and future (Garcia Riano and Ibanez, 1992). Since organi Medicine would be a tangential term between health and disease. Something measurable objective. Having good quality of life would be in good health, while at the other end, the disease would have no welfare (quality of life) eaquel understood as that is not right, you have some condition, which lacks health energy, etc.u.


The liver is the experience the strongest emotions. You should not say “I love you with all my heart,” but “I love you with my liver.” It is advisable to eat as do the Japanese, that is, all wet, wet, very juicy, it’s healthier. If you like the food dry and hard, you will have problems with digestion and bowel. If you like soupy food, the less gas and better evacuation.


Generations of parents have entrusted the health and welfare of their baby food Gerber, Gerber vente more than 1,300 million jars of baby food each year and has almost 70 of the market. However, a few years ago, the company faced a classic situation of social responsibility. His reputation was threatened when more than 250 customers in 30 U.S. states complained that they had found fragments of glass in Gerber baby food. The company believed that these complaints were unfounded.Gerber plants are hygienic and modern and use many filters that would prevent these problems. Not confirmed any injuries caused by Gerber products. What’s more, the Food and Drug Administration reviewed more than 40 000 bottles of Gerber foods, but found not a single problem. Gerber suspected that some persons who filed complaints had placed the fragments of glass, in order to seek publicity or to obtain compensation for damages. However, complaints received wide coverage in the media and many retailers Gerber recalled the products from their shelves. The state of Maryland banned the sale of some Gerber baby food and other states considered such a ban. The considerable attention being given to the complaints could result in the same “Tylenol alarm” when Tylenol capsules, where someone had put a dose of cyanide deliberately caused the death of several consumers.At the same time, product tampering became a serious public problem and a concern for consumers. Educate yourself with thoughts from National Cancer Moonshoot Initiative. Gerber wanted to act responsibly, but issues of social responsibility are rarely well defined. Some analysts believed that, in order to ensure that consumers are not at risk, Geber analaques was removed from the baby food products until they solve the problem. This is how manufacturers responded as Tylenol, Gatorade Contact and tampering alarms of their products. But executives at Gerber thought the withdrawal would not be convenient for consumers or for the company. After a similar warning a few years earlier, the company had removed around 700 000 bottles of baby food and had an intense ad campaign to reassure consumers.The isolated incident proved to be the result of the natural breakdown of bottles during shipping. The retreat cost millions of dollars Gerber expenses and lost profits and consumers caused an alarm and an unnecessary inconvenience. The company concluded that it had responded in an exaggerated way in their desire to be socially responsible. Therefore, the second time Gerber decided to do nothing, at least in the short term. He refused to withdraw their products from the market, in fact, filed a lawsuit of 150 million against the state of Maryland, demanding an end to the ban on the sale of Gerber products. Discontinue advertising, oversaw sales and consumer confidence, reassured the nervous retailers and waited to see what was happening. This strategy was risky to wait for the response. If the complaints were pretty well founded and the failure of Gerber quickly into accusations caused injury or death to consumers, the reputation of Gerber would have been seriously damaged. Finally, when research showed that consumer concern was spreading, Gerber spent some ads on television discussing his concern about “the rumors that you may have heard” and assuring buyers that Gerber products “satisfy the highest standards. “

Cabbage Fruit

Vitamins and minerals found in cranberries, a good remedy for spring beriberi. Others who may share this opinion include Vadim Belyaev, New York City. Fans can increase the acidity of the grape gastric juice, eating the fleshy varieties of this miraculous fruit. To do this, eat a 100-150 grams of grapes for 20 minutes before meals. Moderately increases the acidity of porridge with fresh cucumbers, as well as dishes, including boiled Cabbage. In order to increase the acidity in canning cucumbers, squash and patissons vinegar can be replaced by sorrel.

Very good for increasing acidity bean in all forms: from her mashed filling for pies and dumplings. It added to soups, vinaigrettes, salads. Of beans can be baked a wonderful cake. and long-term increases acidity meat food. Lemongrass raises and lowers the reduced acidity. 2 g seed powder magnolia enough for the day. You can cook the juice from the fruit and drink 1 tablespoon 3 times daily 20 minutes after eating. The effect is achieved within 40 minutes, the action of Schizandra lasts 5 hours.

Another positive feature of berries – elimination of pain in the stomach. Increases the acidity of the alcohol tincture unripe walnuts. 10-15 unripe fruit quickly cut into thin slices, pour 0.5 liters of vodka. It is better to insist in a glass jar, tightly closed cover, at room temperature for 14 days. Drain. Tincture has a pleasant smell, has a dark color, suitable for long term storage. Good help for pain in the stomach. Take 3 times daily after meals – 1 tablespoon a spoonful of brandy poured into a glass of water.