Basic Support

Second interviewed Helosa, that had maiordisponibilidade of time, it can outside taking care of in them of the working hours in the SAMU, acts has 2 years in this service. In this in case that it had exploitation of the time better, beyond the interviews to keep a continuity. With this three interviews were entrevistadarealizaram, being that these had occurred in the April month de2008. 4. The work of the professionals of SAMU 4.1. Necessary abilities for the work To the nursing technician compete taking care of to the victim of the possible melhormaneira with the great expense of the lesser possible time for the transport ato hospital.

Amongst the tasks prescribed to this socorrista it is aresponsabilidade of ' ' to be the eye of mdico' '. This implies one granderesponsabilidade, therefore, is from the story of the technician who the doctor orientaro attendance. In this in case that, the type of given attendance is explicitado pelasUnidades of Basic Support (USB' s). In accordance with the information supplied for the profissionaisentrevistados ones, such responsibility demand sensitivity and precision in relatoque are related with the experiences of the professional and from them, it will take the attitudes most convenient. In accordance with the interviewed Helosa, the person binds for o192 and is taken care of by one of the dispatchers whom the linking for the medical deplanto in the regulation central office will pass, socorristas externados place where the activity is controlled and it supplies orientaes to them, as much giving the coordinates of localda called as guiding the USBs in the proper attendance. The plantonista doctor in the regulation central office is quemdetermina the necessity or not to dislocate an ambulance for the place. Necessary Casoseja, it returns the linking for the dispatcher, informing the case eo place. The dispatcher, then enters in contact with the unit next dolocal to the fact.

Having A Dog

Ten benefits afforded us having a dog: 1) having a dog produces a social stimulation for the whole family; talking dog, deal with the dog, play with it and become interested in him is very positive for the whole family. (2) Having a dog provides a very important company for people living alone.Also be one helps essential in your safety 3) having a dismiunuye dog stress and heart rate mainly cundo it caresses it, you walk it or when playing with him. (4) Having a guardian dog gives a feeling of protection and in addition rprsentan one of the most effective methods when talking about security of our home, much better than the alarms including. (5) The acquisition of a puppy generates a great responsibility on all members of the family, even the little ones whom patois love having a dog. (6) Having a dog is proven it is of great assistance to facilitate the reintegration of adolescents difficult with behavior, addictions to drugs and even if problem of crime.

(7) Having a dog provides assistance in social contacts with other people during times of ride. (8) Having a dog provides friendship and camaraderie linking to the intensely human beings with his faithful companion of four legs. (9) Having a dog is the pride and prestige which means having a beautiful dog good care and elegant. (10) Dogs are able to detect odours imperceptible to humans; for example it was discovered that they are capable of smelling the serious decreases of blood glucose in insulin-dependent diabetic patients which could prevent shock hypoglycemic of fatal characteristics for the sick. But the important detail that I want to highlight in this moment is that having a dog is cute whenever and wherever a polite dog and to behave well, but unfortunately in my professional experience I can say that many times the family who decides to have a dog passes many headaches and moments of anxiety due to the bad behavior of your new dogThis makes your needs anywhere, everything breaks when left alone, makes disasters in the garden, cava wells, is desobendiente and sometimes aggressive with other dogs and people, etc. you would like we can avoid all of this when you have a dog? Very easy; you only need to know the secrets, techniques and strategies to educate your dog easily and without hiring expensive trainers.

Alcoholics Anonymous

We must bear in mind that the risks facing the intake of alcohol increase proportionally to the amount of alcohol that can be taken. The key to not fall into alcoholism is control the weekly consumption of alcohol and keep it less than 21 units in the case of men and 14 units for women. Alcohol units is a measurement system that has been established to monitor consumption, being a unit of alcohol equivalent to 8 grams of alcohol. If you want to learn how to drink in moderation Please note the following tips: Learn how to say no: something key to be a moderate drinker is to learn to decline the invitation to your friends to have one drink. In cases like these, it is best to choose your own drinks according to your discretion and taste. If you go to take mixing alcohol with some tonic drink: when you go to drink alcohol, calls this served with a beverage such as carbonated water or a soda drink.

In this way the present in the beverage alcohol concentration will be reduced. Drink more slowly: recalls stand the bottle or the cup from a drink to another. Not believe it this way you will greatly reduce the amount of alcohol that you normally eat. Maintains a registry of consumed units: doing this will allow you to keep track of the alcohol that you eat, so you can keep better control of the 21 weekly units. Reserve two days a week for not drinking alcohol: is important during these two days you avoid those places where you usually drink alcohol as well as dating with people who usually drink. Eats drinks are alcohol or with low content of this: an excellent way to reduce the consumption of alcohol is ordering drinks having a low concentration of this or in the best of cases, that the alcohol content is null.

Today there are many brands on the market that have an almost identical to its alcoholic equivalent flavor, so change will not be too abrupt. Recalls asking help may be the case that you want to reduce the consumption of alcohol but you feel unable to do so, if you are without a doubt an alcoholic. The majority of alcoholics do not support your problem, so that suspicion is advisable to see a doctor or get in touch with Alcoholics Anonymous.


I found it interesting to bring in this new edition what is peptic ulcer, sometimes simply feel pain or burning stomach to lift us or when we have not yet eaten anything and ask us: by that hurts if not eaten eh nothing could cause me such pain? Here you bring something you should consider… 1. Is peptic ulcer? It is an injury in the form of injury that affects the inner wall of the digestive tract. Located in the stomach (gastric ulcer) or in the duodenum (duodenal ulcer). 2. That the cause? Two main reasons: an infection by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and the other by the consumption of anti-inflammatories, as aspirin. 3.

What are the symptoms of peptic ulcer? The most common is pain or burning in the abdomen. The pain appears when the stomach is empty between meals or in the early morning; It can last minutes or hours and, in the case of duodenal ulcers, can be removed to eat something or take antacids. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, gas, loss of weight or appetite. 4. Can you heal yourself? If the drugs are taken indicated by the doctor, in more than 90% of cases the infection Helicobacter pylori disappears and there is less likely to develop another ulcer. 5. How to avoid it? Wash your hands before eating and after going to the bathroom, you do not abuse the anti-inflammatory drugs without a prescription and avoids the self-medication with antacids, which while they may control the symptoms, do not eliminate the ulcer or infection by H. pylori. Original author and source of the article

Gestation and Maternity

In this direction, the author points essential umadiferena between the gestation and the maternity, where, gestaorefere it a species of physiological programming of the organism of good partedas women, providing the conditions necessary to engravidar. Already amaternidade, engloba conditions of another order, being distinguished as one of the maisimportantes, the desire of maternar, or either, to excuse to diverse cares umnovo to be. Popularly, during much time, the idea predominated that ' ' mebiolgica' ' she was a mother more prepared and equipped to exert estafuno materna, in relation the calls ' ' mothers of creation, who in algumassituaes finish having that to demonstrate, before the society, love and devotion, of a more intense form of what the mother who gestou the proper son. BADINTER (1985, p.20) considers that: the maternal love was for as much time conceived in terms deinstinto that we believe facilmenteque such behavior is part of the naturezada woman, whichever the time or the way surrounds that it. To our eyes, to todamulher, to if becoming mother, finds in itself all the answers to its novacondio. As if the daily pay-formed, automatic and necessary activity esperasseapenas the occasion of if exerting. Being the natural procreation, we imagine that aofenmeno biological and physiological of the pregnancy it must correspond atitudematernal.

PICCININI et al (2004) still argue that, they are five asprincipais categories generally verbalizadas by the gestantes, that express arepresentao materna, of ' ' to give identidade' ' to the baby during agestao: sex, name, temperament, interaction and health. How much to the sex, specifically, the gestantes, in general, had expressed a belief of that bebseja of determined sex, thus having an idea interior formulated sobreele, even so some authors believes that it has a trend the aceitaoincondicional of the sex of the baby. Already the name makes possible a relation more prximacom the baby, a time that if clearly deals with the identity of this new to be.

Prof Sorokin

In the literary sense, Vladimir Sorokin was always a loner. Conceptualist and radical, who began as a painter under the influence of 'Lianozovo school', he has never belonged to any literary groups. Combined usually because of weakness so for tactical reasons. Sorokin, yet it was not necessary. The strength of his talent was so obvious that even recognized its aesthetic opponents. And they have enough Sorokin. The reason for this is easy to understand, revealing any of his works – is a tough read, reminds us more about the Marquis de Sade than the high moral pathos of the great Russian literature, which we loved so much poison in high school.

Curiously enough for underground and marginal, his literary destiny going well. In 80 of his works have become sensations in the narrow literary circles, begin to go abroad. In the 90's, he translated into a dozen foreign languages, as well as many published in his homeland. Not so long ago, even went smartly decorated two-volume collected works

Divine Connection

Divine connection In a beautiful day Jesus thought and said to Is Peter: – I go to go down to the Land to see as it is everything for there, but come back soon. Jesus, caught one burrinho and returned to our planet. When he arrived in the city, the people he looked at pra Jesus and he laughs very, then It thought: – Why they are laughing in such a way at me? I am Jesus what I made of wrong? Then, when finding one velhinho that he was blind and paralytic, this said to it: – Master helps me, although I not to enxergar I know who I am you. Jesus touched in the eyes of the poor man and in its vestments, and suddenly, the man obtained to enxergar and to walk. – Master, Mr.

me seems so sad, can help it? Jesus answered: – I arrived here in the Land mounted in mine burrinho and all they see when me start to laugh, do not understand the reason of this. Velhinho clarified: – I know the reason because all give to laugh Mr. He is that with the advance of the technology, everything moved. Now, nobody more walks the horse or of donkey. Today we have, cars, airplanes, subway, bus, motions that are the ways that people use to move themselves and to travel. The times had changed later that the Internet appeared and now also we have the computers, notebooks and other devices of high technology as: GPS, cellular telephone, tablets, smartphones, IPods, etc I did not use because he did not enxergava, but now we two go to see as everything functions this. thus, lan had entered in one house. In the sky, They are Peter was worried because Jesus was delaying to come back.

Thus, it decided to go down to the Land to see what it had happened and when it arrived saw Jesus moving in the computer. They are Peter, then, it asked: – It was delaying you to Master, I was worried and now I see you in the computer here. You say it can me what it intends to make? The Master whispered in the ear of Is Peter whom he was seeing as he functioned the Internet and he said: – I go to ask for with urgency that takes the technology for the sky. Valria Regina de Carballo


Diets, supplements, vitamins, exercises of streching, miraculous pills, machines of streching, sports, electrodes, yoga, meditation, surgeries Truly we can go crazy proving tens of improbable solutions to the question of how being able to grow of stature. An advice? Tranquilcese a moment and closes the eyes. Olvdese for a moment of its stature and imagnese the normal scopes by which you move daily (work, club, school, etc.) What sees? Surely much well-known people, affection, companions and friendly. Now she imagines that many of which it sees are lower than You Say that they measure 1.60 meters. analyzes the situation objectively it will change its relation with these people for being of low stature? The one that is humorous will continue making it laugh although he is small.

The timid one will continue being timid and the extrovert will continue being extroverted. Surely he will not either vary his affection towards this people no matter how hard they have stopped being high. Then why it thinks that they will appreciate more if you grow some centimeters? Perhaps it thinks that it will have more friendly or major success with the women if it grows of stature? The reality indicates the opposite. If this were a rule of the life; the low ones would not have pair or there would not be people of low stature in the directories of the companies, or all the famous actors would be high. Surely about this same moment he is thinking about examples that refute this, but unless you try to be astronaut, model of high seam, or Olympic athlete, we will not give the reason him. Now he thinks: instead of to ask itself how to be able to grow of stature? why he does not ask himself why I want to be higher? Surely its own answer saves time, pain and money to him, and it dedicates myself to live the life totally being thankful what has and forgetting preconceptions and unfounded fears. To grow of stature after the 18 years is impossible if you do not have a method that has been verified to work. It visits my Web site to read what there am shortage after months of investigation.


Another error that we can find when using Javascript is when a menu with connections redirecionados with Javascript is developed. These connections are not followed either by the Googlebot, therefore the pages which point the connections in Javascript will be followed. Flash Another one of the subjects that have filled post and more post in the forums is the use or nonuse of the Macromedia flash. I must recognize that personally the technology enchants to me flash since with her very showy Webs can be developed that are able to make visual effects impressive which are impossible to do with pure HTML. Then, for the lovers of this technology I have the very bad news since in the positioning subject Web it is very detrimental. Google cannot read the content that is within the films flash. I completely advise against the use of this technology for the development of Webs, I advise to the use mixed with HTML extracting the content outside the film flash.

You can see an example with my Web, will find the perfect mixture between the flash and the HTML. Of to be essential the development of a Web completely in flash I advise to make 2 versions a flash and another HTML, blocking the passage to the spiders to the version flash by means of the robots.txt file Sites with dynamic content Often we wished to have a Web that contains great amount of content and that this often renews. With the present technologies but logical and comfortable using some technology of the side of servant combined with one kisses of data. The finders have enough deficiencies to explore these pages almost and none to been able to resolve this problem. Google is one of which better they read dynamic sites but very rarely it can read urls that contain but of 2 variables. Ways exist to eliminate the variables of urls to make them friendly for the finders: for example, the servants apache with php can use an unit mod_rewrite for the dynamic finders try to the URL like statics. For this last case I recommend to look for information in pages, forums and groups to you of the news related to the programming language with which you develop your Webs.

Fat Reduction

To many people it has happened, we lowered to us of weight and the latest who we lowered is the abdomen, and to complicate plus the things is first that get fat when we stopped making exercise, so that this happens to us? Like eliminating the fat of the abdomen: Before nothing, you must asegurarte that abdomen is not an alert of a disease or problem of health. The Diet. The Salmon helps you to eliminate the fat of the abdomen. Between the rich fish in Omega 3, the salmon is the king. Aid to reduce the bad cholesterol, and has a positive effect in reducing the fat deposits.

The doctors recommend to eat of one or two rations of fish to the week, a 100 ration of salmon g approximately 200 roast contains kcal. It eliminates the alcohol since this it increases the fat of the abdomen. You will have noticed that those that consumes abundant spirits, as the beer, increases the abdomen to them, by such reason, is not recommendable to consume in excess these drinks, although one or two brings benefits to the health, a greater amount causes problems to the health. It consumes Abundant water during the day, this element is essential, since he is vitally important in the process to clean your body, helping to eliminate toxins and fats of natural form. The green tea. The scientific studies speak very well of the green tea, is verified that this contains properties antioxidants, their main function in the process to eliminate the fat of the abdomen is the one to accelerate with which the body disturbs the fat.

A study realised in a hundred of obese adults, obtained like result that those that took a daily green tea drink had a greater loss after 12 weeks, these lost an average of 4.4 pounds in comparison with which they did not ingest it. These also obtained great reductions in the total amount of abdominal, greasy fat abdominal subcutaneous and the triglycerides. The exercise. As third fundamental axis is the exercise, but not any type of exercise, leaves to a side the abdominal, Recent studies demonstrated that to trotar an equivalent to 12 miles per week to a moderate intensity to 80% of the cardiac maximum rate it is better than a routine of weights to lower the accumulated fat in the abdominal zone. Together these advice, add to much perseverancia and a little optimism, certainly within weeks you will be seeing the favorable results, that they will animate to you to continue in your process to eliminate the fat of the abdomen. If it is interested in subjects to lower of weight of fast form, if it wants to know as to eliminate the fat of the abdomen it visits our connection that will inform to him into effective methods to lower of weight, also it finds information on tablets to become thin