Prevention And Treatment Of Stretch Marks

Prevention and treatment of stretch marks. Baby Teva (Teva Baby): Bella mama oil – is truly a godsend. But to get rid of stretch marks (striae) to the systematic use of such natural oils. As a result, there is an impressive effect: restoring the elasticity of the structure and flexibility, improved quality and appearance of the skin. Such oil stretch marks can be used during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth. Does not contain silicone, mineral oil or preservatives, Bella mama oil breast-feeding is not a hindrance. Also, this oil is designated for use during adolescence girls not to provoke the appearance of stretch marks that appear during the rapid growth of the breast. Soft texture and rich composition of the oil prevents the occurrence of stretch marks, and contribute to the smoothing of the already formed.

The skin is smoothed, the size of the stretch is reduced and becomes a shade inconspicuous. The remarkable result in the treatment of stretch marks obtained by the properties of the active ingredients Bella mama oil. Each extract of 11 medicinal plants belonging to the complex, acting in their own way, as a whole improves metabolism at the cellular level, which gives excellent results and makes Bella mama oil one of the most effective means of stretch marks. Oils of lavender, neroli, apricot seed, lemon grass, evening Primrose, mandarin All this has a real miracle effect. Prevents loss of fluid, the skin becomes soft and smooth, it is protected from harmful influences, better fed, cleaned and regenerated.