Professional Nurses

This study has as objective to analyze the importance of the knowledge of the professional of nursing front to the thematic one, searching specifically to awake the attention of the professionals for the recognition of the importance on the subject, being guided and clarifying the professionals on what it is the autismo, and developing a knowledge on the same. Taking in consideration the object of the study, it was opted to carrying through a methodology where qualitative and exploratria research of bibliographical character was used where the employed resources are of particular ownership and also removed of the library of the FASB and of sites of scientific relevncias as scielo. The autismo is a syndrome that presents comprometimentos in three important domnios of the human development: the communication, the sociabilizao and the known imagination and as a condition that typically is associated with normal intelligence. With everything is concluded better standing out the importance of a knowledge for one and greater performance and planning of the professionals by means of the precocious disgnostic o of the riot. Word-Key: Autismo, Importance, Knowledge, Understanding. This study has the professional goal analyze the knowledge importance of nursing front you the thematic, seeking you specifically awake professionals’ attention will be the importance recognition on the theme, guiding and clarifying the professionals about what is the autism, and developing knowledge about the same. Carrying in consideration the study object, it opted will be accomplishing methodology in which it was used qualitative and exploratory research of bibliographical to character in which the resources employees belong you particular ownership and also withdrawn of the library of FASB and of relevances scientific sites scielo. The autism is syndrome that presents implications in three important domains of the human development: The communication, will be sociabilizao and the imagination and known a condition that is typically associated you the normal intelligence..