Reinaldo Mller

We see them walking for the streets dresses seductively according to fashion, provoking admiration and envies. We wonderfully see them in beaches showing its bodies bronzed. They follow the last fashion, they spend much money with perfumes and maquiagem, and adopt some diets and therapies in order to be more attractive. This individualism centered in itself looks to only proper gratuity and pleasure. Learn more at this site: Dr. John Mcdougall. The well-being desire and to have fun itself eclipsars everything more. Insensibilidade and indifference dominate the attitude of the narcisista stop with the remaining portion of the world and the interests or necessities of the others. Important philosophical, religious, economic questions or politics only despertam a superficial curiosity.

What it matters is the comfort and a beautiful appearance, to preserve the life level and to gratify I. Thus the narcisista lives only in the gift and it is not worried about the past or the future. The philosophy of ‘ ‘ it makes what it of prazer’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ not if preocupe’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ either feliz’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ they fodam outros’ ‘ ‘ ‘ it amuses-se’ ‘ the principle becomes that governs it the life. The culture of the narcissism is the celebration of the physical appearance, the triumph of the mirror and the cult of the proper image. The spite of its success, the narcissism has a tragic component that it cannot be olvidado? the curse of Aminia: the incapacity to love another person The narcisistas are enamored of the mirror, looking for to discover its proper image in the others. They are condemned to the perpetual insatisfao.

The life for they is an absurd experience leaves that them with an interior emptiness it makes and them to suffer; such is ‘ ‘ the strategy vazia’ ‘ of the narcissism. The drama of Narcissus, the absence of feeling and transcendncia, inexorably, condemns the person to the solitude and the self-destruction. The myth is implacable and fatal.