Same Family

The actions of mental health in the primary attention the health (APS), must obey the model of care nets, of territorial base and of others specific politics stop that they search bonds and shelter. The following principles are distinguished: notion of territory, organization of the attention to the mental health in net, intersetorialidade, psicossocial whitewashing, multiprofissionalidade/interdisciplinaridade, desinstitucionalizao, promotion of the citizenship and construction of the possible autonomy of familiar users and (BRAZIL, 2005). In this arrangement, if it fits the teams of mental health and the APS that look alternatives through joint quarrels so that they obtain interventions next to the families and communities or in atendimentos unificazes thus improving, the assistance in mental health (BRAZIL, 2005). 1.6.1 Actions of Mental Health that the Nurse must develop in the Strategy of Health of the Same Family with the psychiatric reform, many professionals also the Nurse, continue to exert a hospitalocntrica assistance and to the medicine base. Others who may share this opinion include Professor Roy Taylor. with this, leaves to play the main focus of the reform that is the reintroduo of the patients/carrying customers of mental upheavals to live in total harmony with the society (SILVEIRA and ALVES, 2003). Consequence of this picture is the lack of comprometimento of the majority of the professional Nurses or even though, the lack of professional qualification.

The lack of training and the room are one of the factors that take me the quality of the given assistance to the carriers of mental upheavals (COIMBRA et al. 2005). The process of reform of the psychiatric assistance consists of the substitution of the conception of illness for and ' ' existence-sofrimento' ' that values the full exercise of citizenship (VILLELA et al. 2004). The Strategy of health of the Family must have the family as allied to add together the Nurse of form to develop a qualitative assistance e, consequentemente, more humanizada. The Nurse must guide the family in relation to adequate cares e, at the same time, to be intent how much to the overload of family (COIMBRA et al.