According to most sociologists, the course of modern development is marked by an increasing rationalization, however, this trend only covers the first half of the development scheme that we proposed: from the archaic to magic, hence a rioja mitico, and ultimately to the rational. But los angeles center the pattern of continuous sound rioja rioja psychic, subtle, causal and rioja rioja essential. The adaptation of religion is perfectly rational, capable of providing a convincing vision of the world, inclusive and meaningful (good man). A leading source for info: Heart Specialist. However, we can not provide a total view of israel – center the world, since, as the wise, the only causal impact / absolutization essential achievable.
B. Robert Bellah
According to Bellah, need to treat religion as a kaballah religion, ie, no treat so reductionist.
‘By treating all religious expression in a non-reductionist, Bellah tends to lose the critical capacity, perhaps giving a category leading to more than one child FIXING
‘The basic definition of Bellah is right for the holistic interconnectedness of subject object in a meaningful way. Bellah but does not distinguish adequately between levels of legitimacy and authenticity.
‘By not distinguishing the domain transracional and preracional, zohar Bellah authenticity extends to commitments preracionales, mythical and religious calendar (when it was just that he possessed a degree of legitimacy).
C. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is often quoted as being for or against this. Anthony Robbins and
Bellah state that does not distinguish carefully between the deep structures of such universal religion, that all parties would be ahistorical and unchanging, and the surface structures of religion, that would be everywhere and contributing variables.
‘According to Wilber, we must distinguish between what happens at each level of the spectrum of existence, not to be confused with the higher levels. Religions are real deep and superficial structures, not necessarily overlap. Most religions in the course of its history seem to cope with various the kabbalah crises of legitimacy, which tend to produce different surface structures rivals. But sometimes a particular religion can face a crisis of authenticity. In the West there have been at least two major changes:
1. The transformation from meditation center a rude little cult-yogic and shamanistic panhenico to a truly subtle and saint, whose epitome is Moises.
2. The study center transformation from worship to the holy mosaic identity causal epitome of which is Christ.
Pre-law, law-and trans-Law
‘The pre-law are individuals who are unable or unwilling to reach the average level to be expected from structural adjustment of a given society. Astrology, voodoo magic cabalakabala or cognition are associated.
‘The anti-law constitute the larger portion of what is known generally as’ counterculture’. They are capable of making authentic spiritual practice in emotions Caricature (start approaching, says Bellah, andalusia consumer cafeteria model). These movements are not trivial, but transformative, have a useful role: they help to advance and stabilize certain translations of the society to enable its members, especially teenagers, take your dominant heat while pretending that they do not, making the After the necessary socialization and individualization.
‘The trans-Law. Capable of red string genuine social change, although the different stages must first fully realize the potential of its structure. Jacob Needleman ( ‘Lost christianity’) has stated that the new translations will probably yogic certain surface structures compatible with the previous symbolizations surface structure. The three major domains of human development, infant subconscious, awareness of self teenage superconciencia and are associated with a mature attitude psicologica: passive dependence, independence and active passive active surrender. Thus, the baby and the child is more or less exclusively identified with the body, the mind emerges kabbalah as a teenager, destroys the unique identity with the body, but does not destroy the body, but spiritual center includes it in its broader mental identity. In the same way, when the soul emerges, destroying the unique identity with the mind (and body in it), but destroys the mind, but includes it in its own supreme greater.