Spiritual Wellness

The reason is an intermediate stage between ignorance and wisdom, belongs to the mental eye, is a stage advanced within the evolution of consciousness, it is at a level higher than faith but less than the spirit, Board with the language allows us to understand the spiritual life. Seeing him this way, faith is pre-rationalistic, rational reason, and transracional spirituality by what they found in three different levels of consciousness. The holistic dialogue is another process of discernment, is done through communication, dialogue here means through the word, privileging see the entirety of the meaning of the idea. The perennial philosophy includes all practices with the condition that are genuinely spiritual and these are those that allow to happen within ourselves the liberation. The path of universal love emphasizes that all we will achieve the lighting, so the purity of heart is paramount. In the book ‘Learn to be’ Gallegos addresses the issue of the perennial philosophy stating that it is transcultural and transhistorical that itself is not a religion but an eternal truth, beyond time and space but that is expressed at all times and in all places. It is cross-cultural because it is not the product of one or many cultures, moreover, various cultural forms do not affect its nature in nothing substantial, it predates the cultures that cannot be modified by them, in itself has no social form, symbols or images. This same Galician book adds a very important lesson that emerges from the perennial philosophy is the triple vision of human nature, that we are a fully integrated through mind, body and spirit, where the latter is the fundamental reality and the first two are instrumental overlays to play us in the world of manifestation. The perennial philosophy is the heart of holistic education, and refers to the spiritual wisdom that has been present throughout the history of mankind and that it is not dogmatic essence shared by great religions.