Spread Butterfly

Cleaning oil tablespoon oil collect together and overload units in good vymatuyu mug. The rest vodichku Maslyanka in the first cup dismiss the side. This ready-product, which can be used to discretion. In oil, placed in a cup of washed, pour a small amount of cold water. Then it is necessary to knead butter with a spoon in some water cool – until its turbidity. Then merge the clouded water and then pour clean, cold waters.

Repeat the kneading action of the oil in the water, which carried out its washing. These operations are repeated until, until the water will thicken considerably. At the end of the drain. Other leaders such as Douglas Elliman offer similar insights. Removal water from the oil begin, you have on your plate or cup is a piece of butter after washing. It should be removed from the liquid. This should be done with a spoon, gently compressing butter on all sides. In this case the particles of water will flow into the mug. As the draining liquid into the cup, it should be removed. Others including Donald Sussman, offer their opinions as well.

The process of reduction of oil could go on. When the first parts of the oil has finished draining the water, then you need to knead, knead the dough like, and once again try to squeeze spoon, after altering a room. The operation was considered complete when the oil is not out of the water. Gift of oil to the table washed oil narezhde the beautiful saucer, put a little picture with a fork or spoon and can serve. The product will be aromatic and pleasant taste. Such fragrant product, which includes a particle of your soul, can offer hot boiled potatoes, pancakes, hot from flour pancakes from Hot or kortoshki hot tea and bread. In fact, this oil can be delicious with ICDO than bring to the table … Here is such a spread. =)