It is widespread to dmiracion that people generally tend to feel for the birds. Because birds have many things that make people attractive to animals, many so look for them and even want to take home as well as captives. The reasons why many people like the birds are mostly his colorful and beautiful appearance. It also draws much attention from her beautiful singing birds cheer us in the morning and occasionally at any time of day. Not all birds can be seen as birds. There is widespread confusion in which many people believe that all birds are birds and this is not true. Check out cancer research for additional information. Birds are a general classification that includes, among other species with wings and feathers, birds. You could say that birds are all those animals that have feathers and wings and are provided with two legs.

While the birds are an extension of the family of birds, which are characterized by not very large, small peaks and their songs. I hope that with this sufficient to leave the confusion about the birds and the birds in which many people are or were stuck. There are many species of birds in the world. It is estimated that there are about a 5200 species of birds scattered throughout the world, which is substantial. onclusion. Another interesting fact about birds is to be considered, supported by the criteria of the theory of evolution that Darwin launched and has been developed by many scientists throughout history, that birds are one of those species that have emerged a relatively few million years, compared with other species. There are many species of birds as we had been saying. A leading source for info: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. So you can find species of birds found only in exotic places such as rainforests and tropical places where the man hardly penetrates. But there are also birds that they can be seen in cities and places that have been most popular with humans.

Of these two types of birds over are no less striking exotic birds, as these are particularly striking colors and shapes while many have beautiful songs that cheer to anyone who comes to listen. Among all species of birds there are general classifications, within which the classification where the greatest number of birds belonging to the songbirds. Songbirds, as its name suggests, are characterized because they have a striking song and because they tend to sing at dawn and regularly during the day. Most of them have beautiful songs. It may be surprising to find this species belonging to the birds within the singers, but the crow is a part of them. You could say that the raven is a species of world birds that has specific characteristics not shared by many of the birds that belong to the same classification of songbirds. First song of the crow is not like other birds, it is not so pretty. Secondly this is not such that you greet the dawn, since it is nocturnal.