When buying clothes for her wardrobe, most importantly – understanding. The old-fashioned clothes will look old and boring. Clothing teenager can will look ridiculous and silly. How could there be? If you understand that it is necessary to acquire and what you can and throw away what wardrobe items are combined with anything, you can lose a dozen years. First and foremost, you need to something to give.

Tight trousers, high heels and dangling belly. Mini-skirt, funny t-shirts, groomed hair. Sweater under his throat, faded color of the fabric, an old woman tone fabrics.

Wardrobe items one tone, design new items from head to toe.Ripped jeans with low waist and tops that open up the abdomen, transparent T-shirt.. Teen clothing style. Rules of chic. No need to become a victim of fashion. Need to buy only what will work for you. Wear a classic. In a simple dress should be a highlight. Close discordant parts of the body: abdomen, armpits, thighs, neck. If you have a perfect neck and bust, then you can allow yourself the neckline. If you feel confident on his heels, then you can safely put them on. Do not sacrifice beautiful gait for the sake of growth. Do not wear that does not go to you, despite the urgency of things. How to reorganize the wardrobe? Better to first assign all things by category: blouses, dresses, pants, tops, jeans, jackets, etc. But do not rush these things at once to pick up kits. To select from the available items necessary to discard those things that are not worn in over 2 years old, worn, stained or not suitable for you. To order was in wardrobe, you need to repeat this procedure every season. Which things need to get rid of it immediately? Things that you can not paint, do not leave to wear their home. These include: sweaters with applique (bears, deer, bees, and etc.), T-shirts, tights, old clothes, sundresses, and old clothes, torn jeans, tracksuits, old necklaces, short shorts, old coats, bags. What are some things just need to get? It is advisable to purchase his new turtleneck, blouse, black dress for winter and summer, the best T-shirt, black skirt, dark jeans, trousers classic style jacket, a sweater with a V-neckline, a good bag. When buying new things is not necessary to select the most expensive. Things should be in your wardrobe with new and combined with two or three things. If after trying them in a store you do not love the thing, do not buy it. No matter what kind of thing – expensive or cheap, as long as you well it looked like and you like it. It is important to feel in such clothes irresistible and confident. After the upgrade, wardrobe, standing before a mirror at home, pick up their kits, and combinations thereof.

Weddings In Italy

Love. How many lies behind this short word: feelings, emotions and events! Constant visits to the second half, walking underneath the moon, visiting cafes and finally a wedding, the brightest event in the life of every man and women seeking to build a full-fledged family and the birth of children. So, the wedding ceremony. How many weddings have you been? How do they differ? Same banal traditions, contests and drunken face. Recently Martha McClintock sought to clarify these questions. If you always dreamed of an unusual romantic wedding that will be remembered for its long life, a wedding abroad – an option for you! Shaded patios of Italy, the narrow canals of Venice, elegant views of Rome will give a European wedding chic and at the same time will relieve you from the banality. Italy for centuries attracted the Romantics and various art lovers. Matchless beauty of architecture, historic sites, famous Italian cuisine, as well as hospitality of the indigenous Italians will leave unforgettable impressions and the most that on there, rosy memories of your wedding abroad. No hassles, away from personal problems and noisy Russian cities. Wedding in Italy – for those who want to engage abroad in an ancient castle, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as anyone who wants a change of scenery own celebration or get married in secret from relatives. Italy seemed to made for love and romance. You see here the romance in all – in the medieval sculpture, the affection of pigeons in the square in Rome and in the reflection of the sea. And how do you wedding in Venice? Beautiful boats, sailing slowly through the channels Numerous bridges with carved railings. A great landscape for your wedding, is not it? Venice will appear before you as you draw, fantasy, coming from the water and maintain your unique look through Goals. Hundreds of people around the world are dreaming about a wedding in Venice. Select whether you are a wedding in Rome, or a wedding in Venice, Italy will give you all its splendor, will be the perfect backdrop for wedding photos and create a fantastic mood, which you could not even dream of.