Balinese Characters

For this type of art masters use a variety of wood species: black (ebony) – for the statues of deities and idols, gray (panggal buaya) – for pictures of people, brown speckled (roots of ancient palm trees) and fragrant sandalwood – for the sculptures of animals and trinkets of small size. The cost of the works, of course, depends on the material from which they are made. The most expensive – of sandalwood, but they will long to please the owner is not only in appearance, but also the smell. In the shops of master carvers can find the real wonders. The characters Balinese and Hindu mythology: the evil demons, sacred bird Garuda, the leader of the monkey troops wise Hanuman, and also frozen in ritual poses, different animals, wooden fruit, flowers, trees and even a skillfully executed carved chess figures which represent good and evil characters Indonesian epics. Each dash of art objects made of wood is different refinement and proportionality, because the people of Indonesia has a special sense of harmony. Copyright inlaid panels in a gift to friends and family you can purchase by visiting the village of Batuan.

If you are closer to the soul souvenirs made of ceramics, be sure to take a trip to the village . Here you can gaze at a huge selection of figurines of cats crazy colors, shapes and sizes. They are often portrayed as a wedding gift or just a memento. Vases, jugs, dishes with painting or aromatic lamps make you feel comfortable in any home.


All that we know of Sicily, is that it is an island, and that it is part of Italy, and yet there can be a vacation-vacation in Sicily That general, probably all. And what is Sicily, really? Camillo Borghese said about Sicily : "The island, which is too little of the island, and has too many mythical and real, dark and radiant, magnificent and terrible." Yes, that's such Sicily is presented to the guests – a kind and hospitable, and at the same times are tough and angry. It is an island of contradictions: the only place side by side with Ferrari and Maserati abandoned houses along the highways, deserted sandy steppe with magnificent gardens of orange, black lava with a colorful carpet of flowers, professional history mafizi with hospitality and traditional welcome of the islanders. And how many myths and stories keeps the island. In Sicily, every town – is a separate world, about the Sicilian D. Bufalino wrote: "country rather than region, and besides, diverse country with many realities." Where did the island a 'mnogosloychatost'? Many agree that the whole matter in the story: every time conquerors contributes to the culture of Sicily their habits, manners and customs. Click Dean Ornish M.D to learn more. And there were many invaders – Sicily was the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, who "discovered" the Greeks, fell in love with its nature, and they who have made it center of the universe. Played a role, and geography of the island of Sicily, was perfectly positioned for gains in both Europe and Africa. And since conquered the island and the Arabs, and Normans, and Spaniards, Germans and French and in the end the same Italians, in the end, all these cultures mixed in a substrate, which became the basis of the Sicilian mentality. Dean Ornish M.D recognizes the significance of this. In all Europe, you will not find another such place where so gives a rich history, multinational culture, scrumptious cuisine, lush nature and the emerald sea