Give Positive Substances

Work accidents are truly tragic events against which most companies try take all kinds of measures and protocols, in such a way that the risk of that, at any given time, these take place can be avoided or at least minimized. But no action could be effective without the close collaboration of the employees of facilities that, among other duties, must always attend to your job in optimal conditions. In certain positions, any small forgetfulness or inattention could prove fatal. Speaking candidly USC told us the story. The fact that an employee could occupy his post while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is extremely dangerous, not only for him, but also for all your peers and even to third parties, for example if the handling of heavy machinery in public spaces (e.g. in the works) is found among its functions. Hence fit to consider what would happen if, after an industrial accident take place, a worker who suffered give positive due to the intake of alcohol or other substances, such as cocaine or marijuana.

Would imply that would lose their right to claim compensation for the accident? The consequences of accidents at work under the influence of substances when speaking of compensation to employees for work-related accidents, is is entering a field of responsibility Civil damages, very distinct from the of the request of permanent disability to the Social security by injuries sustained. -The first of the areas arises only in those cases in which the damage suffered by the employee were directly attributable to your company or employer, by not having security measures that would have been able to avoid it or, when least, minimize their impact (for example, if you were blind because it jumped acid to your eyes and your company not provided safety glasses). -The second is given in any case, provided that as a result of the injury the worker had seen permanently weakened their capacity to carry out a job employed, regardless of what outside source of these injuries (an accident or disease, common or professional).